Winter Break: Temperature Set Point Protocol

SMU seeks to reduce energy usage on the Dallas Main Campus by standardizing the
temperatures in areas zoned for academic, administrative, and assembly use.

See Exemptions and Schedule

Temperature Set Point Ranges: (for the Winter Break ONLY)

  • The temperature set point range in occupied residence rooms will remain 68°F to 74°F.
  • Non-Residential and Non-Athletic Facilities Temperature Range will be set to 55F minimum, 
    unless scheduled for a class or event.
  • All “exempted” spaces are excluded from these temperature set point ranges and will be 
    maintained at their normal operating range.
  • All special events will receive normal support through the SME Events office.

Interior Temperature and Thermostat Controls:

  • To override a thermostat if necessary, you must press and HOLD the override button for 10 seconds. 
    An override will be maintained for 2 hours.
  • See below for key operation controls for various thermostats on campus:


Thermostat Instructions

Ways to Assist in Reducing Energy Consumption:

  • Leaving windows and doors closed
  • Adjusting window blinds to block the cold from the glass
  • Putting computers in sleep mode when not in use
  • Turning off unnecessary lighting
  • Last Out . . . Lights Out!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What if it my area is too cold?

     To override your thermostat for 2 hours, follow the instructions above, otherwise,
     please call the Facilities 24 Hour Call Center (214) 768-7000.
  • What if there is no airflow from the vents?

    Notify the Facilities 24 Hour Call Center (214) 768-7000.