Event Services

Frequently Asked Questions

An event lead is an individual representing their school or division of the University at quarterly meetings to discuss best practices, standards and more in regards to events. Contacts for venues could vary from event leads depending on the venue or space.

SMU Dining operates all dining halls and dining retail locations of the University. SMU Catering, a sub-division of SMU Dining, offers food services for catered events on the University campus, varying from a full meal to snack service.

Event Services does not offer full service event planning at this time, though the appropriate contact for the venue or space can offer information and guidance on policies, procedures, and other helpful services to ensure a positive experience on campus.

The University grounds are normally not available for off-campus clients and are only used for special University events. For these special University events, the Outdoor Event Request form must be filled out and signed by various campus partners and can be found Here.

The residential commons are offered in the summer by Conference Services, though these are subject to availability. We cannot offer housing during the school year at this time as the residential commons are occupied by students.

Please find additional information on Conference Services at the Website Here.

Requirements vary from venue to venue but many spaces on campus are exclusive to SMU Catering.

Parking is normally available, depending on the date/time of your event. Please request parking through the appropriate venue contact when securing a space for the event. Additional information on parking can be found at the parking Website Here.

The official University address is
6425 Boaz Lane
Dallas, TX 75205.

Individual building addresses can be found Here

A certificate of insurance – also known as evidence of insurance – is requested when liability (or loss) may be a concern for SMU. For example, if you are hosting or sponsoring an event on campus, you may be asked to obtain a certificate of insurance (COI) from your vendor(s) as evidence that certain liabilities will be covered during the course of the activity or event. No matter what kind of vendor you’re working with, having the right COI, or evidence of insurance, will protect you and the SMU community. More information can be found Here.

Requirements vary by venue. Please contact your event lead for more details.

SMU_Guest offers both long term accounts as well as short term, self-provisioned accounts. eduroam is available in all locations on campus. eduroam is a secure worldwide federated wireless network for individuals in higher education or research environments. More information can be found at smu.edu/wifi.

Discount availabilities vary by venue. Please contact your event lead for more details.

Service of alcohol on campus is limited to beer, wine and champagne, except for those locations that have received exceptions in writing for the service of liquor and/or mixed beverages. Kegs are not allowed on campus at any location. Complete guidelines for the service of alcohol on the SMU campus may be found at smu.edu/StudentAffairs/VPSA/Alcohol.

Yes. The calendar of University events is located calendar.smu.edu.


Yes. Custodial service is required for your event. Please speak with your event lead to manage the booking process.

Currently, cost is determined by the venue. Your event lead will have more information on specific costs for event rental space.

All participants under the age of 18, must be accompanied by an adult chaperone/advisor from the conference at all times, this includes all “free time.” To ensure the personal safety of the participants, the University requires a minimum of one counselor for every twelve (12) youth participants. For more information visit the Protection of Minors Training Web Site.

To book an event space, please visit smu.edu/events. Once you find your venue location, speak with your designated event lead and they will assist you in booking the event space.

Special security requirements vary by event venue. Your event lead will have specific security measures your venue may have in place. For example, in Moody Coliseum and Ford Stadium, there is a clear bag only policy in effect.

Service animals are allowed on campus. All other animals are not allowed on campus. For more information, please visit smu.edu/IAE/PoliciesandProcedures/13-9-Animals-On-Campus-Policy.

Smoking is not allowed within 25 feet of building entrances. eCigarettes and vapes are included in this policy.

The centerpiece of the Charles and Elizabeth Prothro Theology Quadrangle is Perkins Chapel. It serves as the primary worship setting for Perkins School of Theology and Southern Methodist University.

Nearby Highland Park United Methodist Church is the closest option but is not affiliated with SMU.

Advertising and promotion is allowed on campus only for events sponsored by SMU organizations and departments. Please note that indoor and outdoor signage are regulated. For more information, please see the Advertising and Decorations Policy.

Students should work with Student Affairs for planning any events.

Requests made by outside production companies, photographers, filmmakers, and others for all filming and photography activities on the campus of SMU are arranged and coordinated through the SMU Office of Public Affairs. This includes campus grounds, buildings (exterior and interior), aerials, portraits, and events. For more information please see Filming and Photography by Outside Vendors.