Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the most commonly asked questions by students and employees planning on-campus events.

You must login to STABLE and complete an indoor reservation form and an indoor event request form.

You must login to STABLE and complete an outdoor reservation request and an outdoor event request.

A two-step process is required for all events held on main or east campus to better consolidate the process for requesting support services such as custodial, catering, or irrigation to be turned off (outdoor events only). If you are having a departmental or organizational meeting and do not need services from any campus partner (Custodial, Facilities, SMUPD, etc.) you only need to complete the room reservation form. Note: Outdoor events always require both forms.

First submit the applicable indoor or outdoor reservation request for every location that your event requires. Then submit one event request form. Be sure to indicate all of the locations in the "Comment" field, and enter all of your room/venue reservation request numbers when prompted.

Canceling a room/space reservation: please sign in to STABLE, select your desired reservation from the "My Reservations" widget, and choose the Cancel button at bottom left of screen.

Canceling an event request: log in to STABLE and select the "Cancel My Event Request" widget, and then select the event request you would like to cancel. You can also refer to the Wiki pages for more detailed instructions.

All outdoor spaces and many indoor locations can be reserved at no cost. However, some venues do have fees associated with them. A venue fee will not be charged for any event where the attendees are exclusively SMU students, faculty or staff. Fixed costs associated with an event, such as labor, set-up, technical rentals, etc. will be charged for the event. 

A venue fee may be charged for any event where the majority of attendees are external to the university, or if tickets are being sold. The fee charged is determined by the management of the facility in which the event is being held. Fixed costs associated with an event, such as labor, set-up, technical rentals, etc. will be charged for the event.

It is at the discretion of the management of the venue to determine which category an event falls under and to grant any exceptions to the procedures above.  The venue’s school, department or division will not subsidize the cost of the event. A cancellation fee may apply as determined by the management of the venue.

Please see University Policy 6.4 or contact the Event Lead of the venue for additional information.  

An event lead is an individual representing their school or division of the University at meetings to discuss best practices, standards and more in regards to events. Contacts for venues could vary from event leads depending on the venue or space.

Please see the SMU Conference Services website for details.  

A certificate of insurance (COI), also known as evidence of insurance is requested when liability (or loss) may be a concern for the University. To protect the SMU community, vendors are asked to show a COI as evidence that certain liabilities will be covered during the course of the activity or event.  More information can be found at the Office of Risk Management website.

Pre-packaged and open-container food served by you or a vendor, must follow the SMU Food Safety Program. Please review carefully.

Service of alcohol on campus must be facilitated through SMU Hospitality and is limited to beer, wine and champagne, except for those locations that have received exceptions in writing for the service of liquor and/or mixed beverages. Kegs are not allowed on campus at any location. Complete guidelines for the service of alcohol on the SMU campus may be found on the Guidelines for the Service of Alcohol on the SMU Campus page. Please note that some locations do not allow the service of red wine. Refer to the "More Info" option associated with each location in STABLE.

All participants under the age of 18, must be accompanied by an adult chaperone/advisor at all times--this includes all “free time.” To ensure the personal safety of the participants, the University requires a minimum of one chaperone for every twelve (12) youth participants. For more information visit the Protection of Minors Training web site.

Currently, parking is limited. So please submit your indoor or outdoor reservation and event request as soon as you know the date and time of your event. Select the "Parking" box on the Event Request form and provide as many details as possible in the "Description" box. Parking and ID services will be in contact.