Event Services

Event Services is here not only to help guide you to find the right sized location for your event at the University but also to provide information on policies and procedures when it comes to having an event or conference at SMU. Our campus offers a wide range of venues varying in size close to the heart of the city. We’ve centralized information on event spaces in addition to campus partners, which include dining, parking, risk management, A/V, catering, and others, which all offer pertinent information. These partners, along with Event Services, can help make your event be a great success.

Spring 2021 Events

Definition of Event:

Any event or other activity of University and non-University individuals and organizations scheduled in a Venue. Events include but are not limited to meetings, conferences, study groups, rehearsals, practices, receptions, catered meals, screenings, ceremonies, performances, athletic games, and lectures. Events are further categorized by SMU’s Public Safety Standards. Credit and non-credit academic classes are not “events”. 

At this time, these requirements exclude off campus events, athletic games, official campus tours and student events. Student events are defined as: any activity, event, meeting, gathering, practice, ceremony, etc. planned by a SMU student or student organization.

Event Requirements

All events will follow operational guidelines based on a four-tiered Operational Level System (Very High, High, Moderate, Low) depending on the current level identified by the University. All events must submit an online request form for an event exception to be reviewed by the Events Committee. Additionally, event planners and attendees must adhere to all state and local guidelines for any approved events. More information can be found at the Texas Department of State Health Services.

Please note, given the extenuating circumstances of the pandemic, the situation is extremely fluid and requirements are subject to change at any time including cancellation of events. It is recommended no financial commitments be made. The exception request process is in place until the operational level is lowered for campus.

On campus, in person events/meetings consisting only of employees, board members, contractors/vendors and/or prospective students and their immediate family members can occur without an exception as long as the most current county and state guidelines can be followed within the meeting space. There must be a way for attendees to participate remotely via Zoom, conference call, etc.

In person events/meetings hosted by a division/department, faculty/staff group or University administration that includes members of the outside community must submit an exception request at least ten business days from the date of the event.

In person events/meetings held on campus by a non-campus entity (any group that is not a division/department, faculty/staff group or University administration) must submit an exception request by an appropriate University representative at least ten business days from the date of the event.

Attendance must be taken for each event held in person. The roster must include name, phone number and email for everyone in attendance. The attendance roster must be provided, upon request to the Emergency Operations Committee (EOC).

Exceptions must be sent to the Events Committee no later than 10 business days prior to the event for consideration. If alcohol is being requested, 14 business days is required. A recommendation to approve/disapprove will be made by the Committee. If further discussion is required, the exception request will go to the EOC for determination. If review is required by the President’s Executive Council (PEC), they will make the final determination.

As of January 28, 2021

For Guidelines on SMU Student Events please click here.