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The BoulevART: Preview of coming attraction

New student-created art fair coming to the main quad

by Ally Van Deuren (B.F.A. Theatre, B.A. Journalism, ’15)

Meadows students from all disciplines will showcase their talents at The BoulevART: Meadows Fair, a first-ever, school-wide event taking place on April 24, 2014 from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Funded by the SMU Student Senate, the project is co-directed by Anthony McAuliffe (B.A. Communication Studies, ’14), Becca Rothstein (B.F.A. Theatre, ’16) and Connor Volz (B.A. Music, ’16), all of who are Meadows student senators.

“The foundational goal of this event is to help break down barriers between communities on campus, specifically between Meadows and the other colleges,” said Rothstein, adding that the eclectic lineup will attract students from across campus.

The quad outside Dallas Hall will be set up with a large stage and several tents. The event will feature performances onstage that range from flamenco dance to a DJ to music ensembles to improv, along with visual art galleries and student films playing throughout the day.

Students can look forward to performances from Uché, featuring DJ Neenyo and SMU Hip Hop; Prism Co.’s Galatea; Jampact, featuring Dean José Bowen; The Happy Alright; and JSpear, to name a few. There will also be pinch-pot making, a couple of Open Mic sessions, visual and media art installations, and talk-backs with some of the artists.

“The BoulevART is a grassroots movement that has been created, planned, funded and executed by students for students without any official faculty involvement and with very little unofficial faculty involvement,” Rothstein said. “We had an idea and we are making it reality.”

McAuliffe, Rothstein and their team have been working since January to make the event a success and they have high hopes that both Meadows and non-Meadows students will attend and experience the art. They decided to hold the event on a Thursday, the most accessible day when non-Meadows majors can stop by, get some food, experience the art, talk to the artists and then head to class.

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