Dawn Askew


Production Manager; Adjunct Instructor





Dawn Askew has been on the staff of Meadows School of the Arts since 2002 and Master Electrician since 2006. She has also been an adjunct lecturer since 2007, teaching Theatre Technology 1: Lighting Mechanics; Theatre Technology 5: Lighting Automation; and Lighting Practicum. She works in the Division of Theatre production unit to provide the technical support necessary for each theatre, dance and opera production, from maintenance of lighting instruments and inventory to the hanging, focusing and cuing of each show. Askew also served as technical coordinator for Western Oklahoma Ballet Theatre from 1988 to 2015 and has consulted with a variety of other dance and theatre companies outside SMU. Askew holds bachelor of arts degrees in both art (Cameron University) and theatre (Southwestern Oklahoma State University), has worked in theatre electrics since 1993 and has experience in directing, stage management, lighting, and scenic and costume design.

Dawn Askew