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SFP Script Submission

The Summer Film Production is not currently soliciting scripts, as the script for the 2013-15 SFP has already been selected and announced.  The next call for scripts will come in the fall 2014, for the 2015-17 SFP. 

Scripts for each Summer Film Production are solicited in the academic year before the beginning of that SFP's cycle; that is, for the upcoming SFP (2015-17), submissions will open in fall 2014 and will run through the end of summer 2015. All submissions must be made by the end of August of the submission year - thus the next submission deadline, for the 2015-17 SFP, will be August 31st, 2015. All scripts must be submitted as PDF files, through the form on the bottom of this page.

Anyone may submit a script, and there is no limit on how many scripts an individual or writing team may submit.

Script Constraints

To be considered for selection, scripts must meet the following criteria:

  • Submissions should be feature-length, i.e. 85-120 pages with standard screenplay formatting. Treatments or short stories will not be considered, only completed feature-length screenplays.
  • Scripts must be completely original work. No scripts based on existing material (unless that material was written by and is solely owned by the screenwriter) will be considered.
  • Scripts must be possible (in the determination of the Film & Media Arts faculty) to make on a low budget with a 10-14 day shoot.
  • Scripts must be shootable within 300 miles of Dallas. This does not require that the shoot be based in Dallas (the 2011-13 SFP, for instance, was shot on the Oklahoma/Texas border) but scripts should not require locations farther than a few hours away. Entirely Dallas-based shoots are fine as well.
  • In general, scripts may be of any genre except documentary.

For further guidance on scripts, see the "Script Questions" section of the FAQ page.

Script Selection

Scripts will be read and assessed by a committee of Film & Media Arts faculty and students for quality, interest, and feasibility given the constraints (budgetary and time) and structure (student-run production) of this program. For additional guidance on how script selection decisions are made, see "What are you looking for in a script?" on the FAQs page.

After completing this form (make sure to attach your script in PDF format ONLY), you should receive a confirmation that the form and script have been received; if you have not received such a confirmation within a week after submitting both, please email us to check that they were properly received.


Personal information
Are you a currently enrolled or incoming SMU student?

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Script information
Script Genre

select at least one and up to four
Who wrote the script?

List all additional authors below; if your script is one of the top candidates we will require a copy of your joint authorship or other collaborator agreement before it can potentially be chosen for production.
Agreement to Allow Use of Script

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