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SMU Meadows encourages students to explore the arts outside of the traditional classroom environment. The following opportunities are available to students in the Division of Arts.

New York Colloquium: During the New York Colloquium, students visit a range of museums, galleries, artists’ studios and other venues appropriate to the development of their critical and professional studies in art. Approximately 25 students participate each year, with at least half from the Division of Art, both graduate and undergraduate. The Colloquium forms the basis for contemporary art studies for our students, and provides exposure to the international art world as represented in New York.

SMU-in-Taos: The program at Fort Burgwin, Taos, is crucial in shaping the professional focus and development of our students. The curriculum offers several approaches to independent and directed study each summer, including the Open Media Workshop, an interdisciplinary studio workshop, as well as sculpture, printmaking and photography. Each course is for one month, in June, and offers the setting of an intensive studio residency. The Taos campus has basic studio spaces, including darkrooms and facilities for printmaking, as well as open studios and outdoor workspace for about 12 students within the “Art Barn.” The campus of 300 acres allows for considerable interaction with the environment, particularly though drawing, painting, and sculpture, including site-specific work. Students may pursue directed or independent curricula, depending on level, with little outside distraction from their studio investigations. The level of independence demanded, as well as the extended time available for independent investigations, has made the Taos program an important experience for our best students.

New York Residency for Graduate Students: The Division of Art, in 2007, founded a New York Studio Residency. The residency is made available by the generous gift of the studio space by Juvenal Reis of New York. Juvenal Reis, M.F.A. alumnus, offers a no-cost license for the use of studio space in his four-story, completely renovated studio building in Long Island City, along with a one week permit to use the gallery in the building for an exhibition at the completion of the residency. The studio is five blocks from the prestigious PS-1, a focal point for the most contemporary art in New York.

Study Abroad: A significant number of students engage in study abroad, whether through SMU-run programs or international programs through other universities. Programs of particular note to students in art include SMU-in-Rome, including summer study in drawing, art history, Italian studies and film; SMU-in-Paris, which offers introductory and intermediate study in studio art; and SMU-in-London, which offers advanced art study at the Slade School of Art in London.

Graduate Study Abroad: Les Subsistances in Lyons, France. A joint program with the Division of Theatre, the Lyon program brings all first-year graduate students in Theatre and Art (as well as other divisions) to Lyon, France to attend the spring performances at Les Subsistances, an international interdisciplinary performance laboratory, and to participate in a two-week residency. Les Subsistances shares its campus and facilities with the Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts, Lyon. Learn more about Les Subsistances at .

The Taos Seminars for MFA Students: Held for one week in September in SMU's campus in Taos New Mexico. Most recently, the seminar included lectures, screenings and discussions about the artist collective Orchard, visits to Site Santa Fe, a prominent collector's home, and a studio visit with Larry Bell. Each year an artist, critic or curator is invited to be in residence. They have included:

2010: Rene Green
2011: Lucy Lippard
2012: Rhea Anastas

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