SMU Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

About the SMU AI Lab

The SMU AI Lab leads projects in vision, natural language processing, machine learning, as they apply to numerous domains including health care, education, energy, software engineering, environmental studies, and many others. Over the past several years, SMU has begun to distinguish itself in an area that we refer to as: AI-Enabled Collaborative Design. Modern AI-systems function in an ecosystem of varied third parties and varied interests. Solutions to problems often require teams with disparate backgrounds to collaborate towards a final solution. AI-Enabled Collaborative Design therefore builds upon design theory, human-computer interaction, domain experts, and AI/machine learning engineers to create robust, realistic solutions that use AI in innovative ways. In addition to conducting research that helps to advance the field, we have collaborated with industry and community partners to deploy realistic AI solutions that have lasting impact.

Fred Chang, Founding Director of the SMU AI Lab

Frederick R. Chang is the Chair of the Computer Science Department in the Lyle School of Engineering. He is also the Bobby B. Lyle Endowed Centennial Distinguished Chair in Cyber Security and Professor in the Department of Computer Science. He is the Founding Director of the Darwin Deason Institute for Cyber Security and is a Senior Fellow in the John Goodwin Tower Center for Public Policy and International Affairs in SMU’s Dedman College. Additionally, Chang’s career spans service in the private sector and in government including as the former Director of Research at the National Security Agency.

About the Founding Director

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