Frederick R. Chang

Inaugural Bobby B. Lyle Centennial Distinguished Chair in Cyber Security
Founding Director, Darwin Deason Institute for Cyber Security

Ph.D., Professor (on leave)

Jia Zhang

Interim Chair, Department of Computer Science
Ph.D., Cruse C. and Marjorie F. Calahan Centennial Chair in Engineering, Professor

Ginger Alford

Ph.D., Clinical Professor, Assistant Department Chair

Corey Clark

Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Frank Coyle

Frank Coyle

Ph.D., Senior Lecturer

Michael Hahsler

Michael Hahsler

Ph.D., Clinical Associate Professor

LiGuo Huang

Ph.D., Associate Professor

Eric Larson

Ph.D., Associate Professor

David (King Ip) Lin

Ph.D., Associate Professor


Theodore Manikas

Ph.D., Clinical Professor, Director of Computer Security Graduate Programs

Barbara Minsker, P.E.

(Courtesy Appointment)
Bobby B. Lyle Professor of Leadership and Global Entrepreneurship
Senior Fellow in the Hunt Institute for Engineering and Humanity

Klyne Smith

D.Eng., Clinical Professor, Corporate Liaison, Program Co-Director, M.S. in Datacenter Systems Engineering

Jeff Tian

Ph.D., Professor, Director of Software Engineering Graduate Programs

Name Email
Christian Ayala
David Brauchler
Denver Brittain
Isaac Chow
Xinyi Ding
Anton Ephanov
Aaron Estes
Yasamin Fozouni
Erik Gabrielsen
Mark Hoffman
Ken Howard
John Lawrimore
Karl Lewis
Matt McBride
Lee McFearin
Jayce Miller
Beth Minton
Freeman Moore
Derek Phanekham
Klyne Smith
Delores Etter

Delores Etter

Founding Director, Caruth Institute for Engineering Education
Caruth Professor of Engineering Education
Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Distinguished Fellow, Darwin Deason Institute for Cyber Security

Name Title Phone Email Office Location
Elizabeth Minton Department Coordinator 214-768-3083 439 Caruth Hall