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The quantity and award-winning commercial quality of our games is a top reason that aspiring game developers apply to SMU Guildhall and that employers seek out our graduates. Using engines like Unity, Unreal Engine 4, Half-Life 2 (Source), and Skyrim (Creation Engine), we produce 2D and 3D games on a variety of platforms — including PC, console, mobile, and VR — while modeling the structure of a real game studio.

Students work in cross-disciplinary teams to develop three or more games in the style and pace of the industry. Teams of artists, designers, producers, and programmers collaboratively concept, prototype, build, test, and release their games. Team size and composition evolves to allow students to take on both lead & supporting roles. The first games created by each cohort are made in small teams and serve as foundational stepping stones toward the creation of their final large-scale, total-conversion Capstone projects.

Several of our Capstone games have gone on to be further developed post-graduation, proving their commercial viability. 100% of the May 2016 graduates' capstone games were greenlit on Steam, and there is growing demand for more of our capstone games to be published.

SMU Guildhall Student-Made Games