Independent Student Work

Master’s theses and Directed Focus Studies, as well as independent projects completed in specialization classes, inform each student's professional, competitive portfolio. Since 2003, Guildhall students have completed over 1,180 Directed Focus Studies and 292 Master's Theses.

In their independent projects, Guildhall students pursue unique interests, analyze industry trends and topics, and solve critical issues to demonstrate mastery of their specialized crafts. Unity, Valve, Epic, Microsoft, Nintendo, Intel, Dell, Oculus Rift, and America’s Army, have all sponsored past and present research projects for our students through grants, scholarships, and technology.





Graduate Catalogs

Our interactive catalogs showcase the work of our graduates, including their individual Master's Theses and Directed Focus Studies, as well as their cohort's capstone team games.



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Cohort 25 Catalog

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