Industry Partnerships 

We are the industry.

SMU Guildhall maintains partnerships with studios and tech companies across the globe. The demands of the video game industry inform every aspect of the Guildhall experience. We offer many opportunities for studios and developers to become an industry partner with us, as detailed below.

On a statewide, national and international level, SMU Guildhall's industry partnerships are ever-evolving. Our location in Dallas, Texas, puts us nearby to over 40+ game studios, app developers and digital technology companies and many corporate giants, and more than 180 game development and production companies across Texas. This enables us to work closely with the local video game industry in the many ways listed below, as well as employing successful developers as adjunct faculty, who develop games at local studios by day and teach here by night.


Become a SMU Guildhall Industry Partner

Contact us for more information about the opportunities below and becoming an SMU Guildhall industry partner.


Guest Speakers, Lectures & Workshops: We work with developers from around the world to present special topics, expanding our classroom conversations. This includes in-class lectures and workshops as well as presenting as keynote speakers at graduation or our Game Changers Speaker Series. Prominent game studios — such as BiowareBonus XPCertain AffinityGearboxidInfinity WardNerd KingdomOculusPlayfulRobotSquare EnixUnity, and Valve — visit often and bring industry leaders to share insight with our students to enhance our learning environment.


Annual Career Fair: Studios from around the world are invited to participate in our Career Fair, which connects companies seeking top-notch talent with our students and alumni who are looking for career opportunities. 

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Collaborative Curriculum Enhancement: We continually refine and enhance our curriculum to align with current industry trends and demands. To do so, our team of industry veterans works hand-in-hand with industry professionals, who are often brought in to contribute to curriculum evaluation and/or development.


Funding the Future: Individuals and studios have the option to contribute to the education of the next generation of game developers by funding a merit scholarship, or gifting our program with a Gift-in-Kind (a donation of assets other than cash) such as equipment, artwork, games and printed materials. In the past, we have been grateful to receive many forms of new technology and equipment for use in our classrooms.


Portfolio Reviews: One of the ways industry professionals can work directly with our students is by serving as a portfolio reviewer, looking over graduating students’ portfolios and offering feedback to help them prepare for their job search.


Guildhall Events: Our annual Exhibition of student work takes place each Spring and Fall. We always enjoy welcoming industry representatives to the event, during which you’ll get to play current student games and discover the many individual research endeavors our students have recently completed. Another annual event you’re invited to join us at is our GDC Networking Reception. It typically takes place on Wednesday evening at GDC. We’d love to chat with you and treat you to complimentary food and drinks! Email us to sign up to receive details about future events you can be a part of.

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