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Hamon Arts Library

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Chingozine Covers

Collective Practice: Community Building Through Zines

October 20th- December 17th, 2017

Hawn Gallery


An exhibition of works by Puro Chingón Collective, a Texas-based collective comprised
of James Huizar, Claudia Zapata and Claudia Aparicio-Gamundi. The works on display
include prints, short films, and zines largely from the collective’s own publication,
ChingoZine. Zines are similar to magazines, but rather than ones seen on newsstands,
they are noncommercial often homemade or digitally created. They specialize in unconventional
subject matter that reflects the subcultures or communities the creators belong to. The collective’s
goal for creating ChingoZine is to act as an alternative space for Latino artists to showcase their
work. The collective’s practice is one rooted in social practice and engages with people in public
paces (those outside institutions) whether it be through murals, film screenings, or parties.

Collective Practice brings the collective’s work not only into a new setting, but also a new context.

The exhibition shortens the physical and thematic distance of the library, merging the two spaces

together to demonstrate how the use of text and drawings act as a means to support, represent,

and empower diverse groups, especially those on the margins of society. The exhibition will also

include a small library of zines by local artists for visitors to read.