Hiring Students and International Students

Student Workers

Students who work on campus are considered employees of the University and are paid through SMU Payroll. Student employees are not eligible for University benefits. Student workers include undergraduate and graduate students.

All student workers are limited to 20 hours of work per week.

In order for a student to be classified as a student worker, he/she must be enrolled in a for-credit class for the semester he/she is employed on campus and are paid via a Student Worker ePAF. For assistance in determining the appropriate classification & paperwork for students working during the summer, click here.

For further information about student employment opportunities, visit the Student Employment Office.

The department must:

New Employee Packet - Student
Determining Classification for Summer Student Workers

International Student Workers

International student employees have been issued student visas to be full-time students in the U.S. They have specific requirements under which they can work. For further information, visit the International Center.

The department must:
  • Provide an On-Campus Work-Eligibility Form and New Employee Packet - Student
  • Ensure that the international student worker visits the International Center to obtain approval on the On-Campus Work Eligibility Form before he or she begins working
  • Ensure that the international student worker visits the Department of Human Resources to complete a Form I-9 before he or she begins working
  • Complete a Student Worker ePAF on my.SMU.edu

On-Campus Work-Eligibility Form