Manuals of Christian doctrine, catechisms are often organized in the form of questions with accompanying answers to be learned and memorized. This extremely popular and accessible genre for conveying fundamental religious teachings was utilized by both Protestant and Catholic authors beginning in the sixteenth century, and continues to be an introductory source for Christian instruction today. Included in this exhibition are works published between the sixteenth and nineteenth century with examples of texts for the youngest readers, more advanced students, and adults.

An Early Lutheran Catechism Martin Luther's Small Catechism Roman Catechism in Polish Catechism for the 18th Dauphin Illustrated Catechism for Spanish Children Catechism in French and Malagasy

 Catechism for the 20th Dauphin
Canisius's Catechism for Experienced Students
Roman Catholic Catechism
Hieroglyphic Catechism
Broadside Otomi Catechism
Catechisms by Issac Watts
Catechism for Little Children