Commission Book Details

Commission Book Details

Doves 2 paper with round watermark.

Apocrypha, volume IV.
Hammersmith: Doves Press, 1904.

The term “apocrypha” means “hidden things” and is used to specify writings outside of the canon of the Old Testament and New Testament. The Doves Press Apocrypha volume includes Jewish religious writings dating from approximately 300 B.C.E. to 70 C.E.


  • Original Publisher’s Binding
  • Limp Vellum Calfskin
  • Spine Stamped in Gold:
    • The English Bible
    • 4
    • Doves Press
  • 21 signatures sewn on 4 tapes with moss green thread.
  • No Headbands
  • Doves 2 Paper with round watermark
    • Initials: CS EW Date: 1902

Detail of spine stamped in gold.

Green thread
Moss green thread.

top edge
Top edge.