Conditional Admission FAQ

Can I come to SMU earlier than next fall if I complete fewer than 24 hours but maintain a high GPA and meet the English composition, math, and science requirements?

The Office of Undergraduate Admission will review your application prior to the stated entry term, if you desire. However, please keep in mind that guaranteed admission is only offered to students who have met the requirements stated in their Conditional Admission letter.

Why do I have to reapply for admission?

In order to be admitted to SMU, we must verify that there have not been significant changes to your application since you were originally offered Conditional Admission. You will not need to fill out an additional application, but rather an Application Update Form, which will be sent to you in February prior to your anticipated start term.

Will I be considered for merit-based scholarships? 

All conditionally admitted students will be automatically considered for first-year academic-based scholarships based on your high school academic performance, including high school GPA, curriculum, and SAT or ACT test score. Please keep in mind that these scholarships are very competitive.

Another great opportunity for merit-based scholarships would be to complete the requirements for our SMU Transfer Scholarships. In order to quality for transfer scholarships as a first-year transfer student, you must complete at least half of the 50-hour requirement after your high school graduation. Your admission counselor would be more than happy to answer any specific questions you might have on the matter.

If I take credit courses during the summer after high school graduation, can I enter SMU for the spring term rather than the fall?

You are welcome to submit your application for the spring semester if you would like to be considered for admission during the spring term rather than the fall. However, we typically suggest that you wait until the fall semester, when you will have guaranteed admission.

I have already taken English composition, college algebra (or higher), and/or science with lab courses as a dual-credit student. Does this count toward the requirement? If not, what do I need to take?

Yes. You may apply any transferrable English composition, college algebra (or higher) and/or science with lab courses taken as a dual-credit student toward the admission requirements. However, you will still need to complete at least 24 hours of transferable work during two full-time regular fall or spring semesters after high school graduation in order to be offered guaranteed admission.

I attend a collegiate high school and have already earned more than 24 hours of transferable credit. Why can’t these count toward the Conditional Admission requirements?

While coursework that is taken through collegiate high school or dual-enrollment programs can satisfy the admission requirements for Conditional Admission, we would still like for you to complete an additional 24 hours of transferable coursework in order to gauge your performance in a traditional college setting prior to you enrolling at SMU.

Do I have to take exactly 12 hours each semester, or can I take less than 12 hours in one semester and more than 12 in another? 

To successfully fulfill the requirements of your offer of Conditional Admission, you must complete at least 24 hours of transferable coursework while enrolled as a full-time student with 12 or more credit hours during regular fall and spring semesters. Please keep in mind that in order to graduate in four years, you must maintain at least 15 hours per semester. Also note that many financial aid programs, such as the FAFSA, and insurance coverage plans require you to be enrolled as a full-time student (at least 12 credit hours per semester) in order to maintain eligibility.

How can I guarantee that all of my college credits will transfer?

SMU strongly supports transfer students. We have created a transfer specific website at that can assist you with with planning your degree program. We have specific Pathway Guides that will outline courses that you can take to meet both graduation and program-specific requirements.

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