Meadows Financial Aid Application Process

1. Apply to SMU and Meadows

  • Apply to SMU and complete any required audition or submit any required portfolio via the Meadows Application. Consult the specific admission checklist for your area for guidelines on when to apply and audition/submit your portfolio.

2. Review Guidelines on when to submit FAFSA and CSS Profile

  • Dual Admit students (Art, Dance, Film and Media Arts [BFA], Music and Theatre) should be sure to submit your FAFSA and CSS profile by January 15. Please note that Meadows artistic scholarships will be determined after all candidates in each Meadows division have been reviewed for admission. Therefore, admitted students should expect final scholarship and financial aid packages between mid-March and early April.
  • Students pursuing degrees in Advertising, Art History, Corporate Communication and Public Affairs, Creative Computing, Fashion Media, Film and Media Arts (BA), Journalism, and Public Relations and Strategic Communication should submit FAFSA and CSS profile by November 1 if applying Early Action or Early Decision I. If applying Regular Decision or Early Decision II, submit the FAFSA and CSS profile by January 15.
  • Not applying for need-based aid? If you do not intend to apply for need-based financial aid, you must submit the Meadows Waiver Form. Trying to decide whether or not to apply for financial aid? The University's Division of Enrollment Services advises that a family income above $350,000 with one child in college is the approximate limit for need-based aid consideration.

3. Submit FAFSA and CSS Profile.

  • Include SMU's school code on your submissions: 6660 (CSS Profile) and 003613 (FAFSA).
  • To help streamline the submission process, use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool to complete the FAFSA.
  • Double check that information on the FAFSA and CSS Profile match.
  • Monitor your email for any additional documents that the SMU Office of Financial Aid may request.
  • FAFSA and CSS Profile forms must be completed every year.
  • FAFSA and CSS Profile are not required for international student applicants.

4. REVIEW the Scholarship/Financial Aid NOTIFICATION TIMELINEs:

  • Academic merit scholarships
    Students will be notified of any SMU academic merit scholarship they have received with their university admission decision. 
  • Artistic merit scholarships
    Meadows artistic merit scholarships are determined beginning in mid-March, with the bulk of awards being communicated at the end of March/early April. Only students who have been admitted to Meadows and the University with completed FAFSA and CSS Profile forms OR a completed Meadows Waiver Form are considered for artistic scholarships. Notification of artistic scholarships is via email.
  • Meadows Scholar Program Invitations
    Applicants who have indicated an interest in a Meadows major on their SMU application or submitted a Meadows application and demonstrate strong academic performance in high school are considered for the Meadows Scholar Program. Finalists are notified via email in March.
  • Complete financial aid packages
    Approximately one week after the Meadows Artistic Merit Scholarship has been finalized, students will be able to log in to to view their complete SMU Scholarship/Financial Aid Package.