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  • For Jan Term & May Term, financial aid is applied automatically.
  • Students enrolled in Summer Term must request their financial aid to be applied.

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2024 Tuition

No general student fees are assessed, though some specific courses may charge fees (e.g., travel or lab fees). For SMU graduate students, Intersession tuition is typically the current graduate tuition rate charged by their program of study.


1 credit hour (e.g., a PRW or lab course)
3 credit hour (most courses fall under this category)
4 credit hour (e.g., language courses with a lab)


Tuition varies by program - see Graduate Tuition rates

Housing and Dining is an additional cost for May and Summer.  Students in residence in both fall and spring terms may use their current accommodations for Jan Term at no additional charge.

SMU Financial Aid

Students receiving SMU Merit Scholarships or need-based financial aid may receive these awards on a pro-rated basis for Intersessions.

To estimate the dollar amount of awards that may be applied toward your account, use our Tuition and Financial Aid Calculator or contact your Financial Aid Advisor. 

Students receiving SMU Tuition Benefits may be able to receive benefits for Intersessions, but are not eligible for additional scholarship funding. Please contact SMU Human Resources regarding your Intersessions tuition benefits.

A limited number of Intersessions scholarships are awarded by application to undergraduate students enrolled in at least 3 credit hours.

Due to higher volume and more complex financial aid rules for June-July, students MUST request SMU financial aid by completing a Financial Aid Request Form.  This form is generally available to students from early April to early July.

Federal and State Funds

Federal and State funds typically are not available for Jan Term or May Term. To receive Federal and State financial aid, a student must be enrolled at SMU for at least 6 hours over the course of the summer (May – August on the Dallas campus, SMU-in-Taos, and SMU Abroad all count toward these hours). Students eligible for the Pell Grant may be able to receive this in Summer. Contact your Financial Aid Advisor for more information.

Summer Studies Loan

Undergraduates enrolled at half-time or greater status may be eligible for a Summer Studies Loan with 0% interest loan of up to $5000. Contact your Financial Aid Advisor for more information.

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