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About Us

The O'Neil Center for Global Markets and Freedom was made possible through the generosity of SMU Alumnus William J. "Bill" O'Neil (BBA, '55) and his wife Fay C. O'Neil. The focus of the O'Neil Center is the study of the impact of competitive market forces on freedom and prosperity in the global economy. 

In short, the center studies why some economies grow and others fail. The main goals of the center are to:

  • conduct academic research on the nature of, causes, and consequences of economic freedom and other topics related to global prosperity.
  • provide economic education to students and the wider public on the principles of an open, competitive, and free economy.

The O'Neil Center relies primarily on the annual contributions of donors to fund its operations. The center is grateful for the generous support of the William E. Armentrout Foundation, McLane Company, Inc., Richard W. Weekley, Tucker Bridwell, the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation, the William J. O'Neil Foundation, Donor's Trust, and numerous other donors. The O'Neil Center does not accept funding for contracted research.

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