Marketing is the study of how to facilitate exchanges between one business and another, and between business and consumers. Though often associated with advertising or sales, marketing is actually much broader. Key marketing activities include designing new offerings, modifying existing offerings, pricing, logistics, sales management, and gathering market information. These and other marketing activities are grounded on a foundation of understanding the customer -- who they are today and who they are likely to be tomorrow, what they want, how people decide what to buy, and what happens after people make a purchase. Career opportunities include sales, retail management and buying, advertising account executives, marketing research associates, and general marketing management.

  • SMU Common Curriculum
  • Business Core Courses

  • Marketing Core
    • Market Research (MKTG 3342)
    • Marketing Management (MKTG 5341)
    • Consumer Behavior (MKTG 3343)
    • Marketing Internship (MKTG 5150)

  • Two Marketing electives selected from the following:
    • Integrated Communication Advertising Management (MKTG 3344)
    • Sales and Distribution Management (MKTG 3345)
    • Retailing (MKTG 3346)
    • International Marketing (MKTG 3348)
    • Product and Brand Management (MKTG 3349)
    • Marketing Implementation and Control (MKTG 4341)
    • Sports Marketing (MKTG 4345)
    • Honors Marketing Practicum (MKTG 5345)

  • One Business elective (three credit hours)