Finance is the study of the management of financial resources, including the internal management of funds within the modern corporation, the external evaluation of securities and loans, the study of financial markets, and international finance. Graduates pursue employment in the areas of corporate finance, investment banking, investment analysis and portfolio management, and bank management.

The finance major at SMU Cox gives students immersive experiences and specialized skills that take them to the top of their fields.  The Practicum in Portfolio Management course provides students real-time money-management experience through the management of the Anne Rife Cox portfolio worth approximately $3 million. The Alternative Asset Management coursework covers topics like private equity, investment banking and hedge fund investing strategies through a combination of cases, industry speakers and company projects.  The Kitt Investing and Trading Center is a phenomenal resource that provides a dynamic facility designed to integrate financial data and technology into the finance curriculum, enhance innovative faculty research and teach students practical finance and investment applications.

The following are the finance major requirements:

  • SMU Common Curriculum
  • Business Core Courses
  • Finance Core Courses
    • Advanced Financial Management
    • Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
    • Derivatives
    • International Finance
    • Intermediate Accounting I
    • Intermediate Accounting II

    Finance Electives - select two courses (6 hours) from:

    • Money and Capital Markets
    • Management of Financial Institution
    • Financial Modeling
    • Advanced Concepts in Financial Management
    • Honors Practicum in Portfolio Management
    • Alternative Assets I
    • Alternative Assets II