Business Analytics and Supply Chain Management

This major is new to the Cox undergraduate program: Cox saw a need and ensured our students could grasp these concepts when they enter their next phase.

It combines a skill-based business analytics component with a functional supply chain management curriculum focused on business operations and cost-efficient processes, production, and distribution. Graduates will understand how to interpret data, build models, and apply algorithms to solve business problems.

Potential career paths include consulting and business or operations analytics. The need for people able to connect customers with products and services as quickly and cost effectively as possible has created a surge in job opportunities for supply chain professionals. Recent reports state 600,000 supply-chain jobs will go unfilled this year, which makes this a vital addition to the Cox BBA program.

Required Courses

Major Requirements:
SMU Common Curriculum
Business Core Courses
• ITOM 3355: Software Tools for Business Analytics
• ITOM 3360: Data Management for Business
• ITOM 4307: Decision Modeling with Spreadsheets
• ITOM 4320: Supply-Chain and Logistics Management

Two BASM electives selected from the following:

• ITOM 4334: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
• ITOM 4350: Business Intelligence and Big Data
• ITOM 4361/MNO 4361: Project Management
• ITOM 5321: BASM Practicum