BBA Scholars

BBA Scholars are pre-selected for Cox admission based on their application for admission to SMU and academic performance prior to entering SMU. This program includes the top tier of business students. Fall 2023 BBA Scholars had an average SAT of 1500, average ACT of 34 and very competitive grades in the most rigorous curriculum at their high school. Students are notified of their selection for the BBA Scholars Program shortly after receiving acceptance to SMU in their senior year of high school. As BBA Scholars, they participate in the normal SMU/Cox curriculum, but have the added advantages of Cox admission in the first year, Cox scholarships, and early access to Cox Advising & Career Services opportunities.

BBA Scholars Have:

• Outstanding academic achievement,
• Outstanding SAT/ACT scores,
• Strong leadership skills,
• Strong letters of recommendation, and
• Compelling essays

Approximately 100 students enter SMU as BBA Scholars each year. Scholars come from across the U.S. and from other countries, and represent the strongest business applicants in the incoming class.  Most BBA Scholars are members of the University Honors Program, participate in SMU’s study abroad programs, and pursue double majors and minors in other academic fields. Contact the BBA Admission Office for more information on the BBA Scholars Program.