Project or Work Request

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Is the work you are requesting more appropriate for a Project Request or a Work Order Request?

Project Requests are used for new construction projects and complex renovation of existing spaces.

  • Major finish (flooring, painting, wall covering, countertops, etc.) changes or upgrades

  • Space reconfiguration

  • Addition or removal of walls

  • Addition or removal of utilities (electrical, plumbing, HVAC, low voltage)

  • Projects that require Design Services

  • (Design services for construction drawings could include the coordination of the following disciplines: civil engineering, landscape, structural, architecture, interior design, mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering, cost estimating, an accessibility consultant, and Audio Visual/ Technology.)  

  • Projects requiring Permitting

  • Projects requiring detailed coordination with other SMU Departments

If the above is not applicable, please submit a STABLE Work Order


Project Request Timeline link to larger image

Project Request Timeline

Estimated duration’s above are shown in working days excluding weekends and SMU holidays. These durations are dependent on the speed of decision making and the availability of the Project Requestor, Project Manager, funding, and approvers.

We look forward to serving you and will always work to improve on the timelines noted above when possible. When all parties and funding are available, this process can move much faster.