Hughes-Trigg Student Center - Gallery 1911

Hughes-Trigg Student Center - Gallery 1911

Scope of Project:

Creation of a reimagined Centennial Hall which balances the following user requirements:

  • GALLERY 1911

    • Complete reimagining of the pre-existing Centennial Hall to serve as a visitor center for guests and alumni
    • Includes three digital kiosks and one large digital wall with motion tracking
    • The space will now allow for:
      • Daily student use as a lounge, meeting/hangout area
      • Events with digital takeover functionality
      • Reception / pre-function space for the adjacent lecture rooms and events
      • Photo opportunities / Instagram moments
      • Showcasing SMU athletics

General Contractor: Hill-Wilkinson

Architect: Miller-Zell

Floor Layout Gallery
Gallery Rendering image
Gallery Rendering image