Temperature Set Points

SMU Temperature Set Point Protocols and Frequently Asked Questions 

SMU's Temperature Set Point Protocol, an Operation Excellence Program initiative seeks to reduce energy usage on Dallas Main Campus. Temperatures are standardized in academic, administrative and assembly use zones.

Energy reduction aligns with our sustainability mission promoting environmental stewardship. The temperature ranges are consistent with peer institutions aligned with the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)

When buildings are unoccupied, after normal hours and weekends, temperatures may be adjusted up or down depending on the season to reduce energy usage. This practice is unaffected by the Temperature Set Point Protocol.

See Winter Break Protocols

Operation for Specific Thermostats

Thermostat Instructions

Temperature Set Point Ranges:

  • Heating Season (November 1 to March 1*): 68°F - 72°F
  • Cooling Season (March 1 to November 1*): 72°F - 76°F *Typical seasons in the DFW Region. Weather conditions may cause slight variations

Some building spaces, such as research, archival, fitness, and computer room applications, require special indoor design environments outside of this Protocol. These spaces are excluded from these temperature set point ranges.

Temperature set point ranges in residence halls remains 68°F to 74°F year-round. Residents are asked to be aware that changes between winter / spring and summer / fall, during seasonal changes, swings in external daytime and night time temperatures may at times affect room temperatures which will still adjust to remain in the range of 68°F to 74°F.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What if it is too hot (or cold) when I work late or on the weekend? Manual override during unoccupied hours is available - see directions for your specific thermostat.
  • What if I need to schedule an event during unoccupied hours? At least three weeks prior to your event, please log in to STABLE and submit an Event Request. This helps us ensure your event space is the proper temperature before the event begins.
  • What if there's no airflow from vents? Notify Facilities Support Center at 214-768-7000.
  • It’s very hot outside, and our thermostat has been sitting on 82°F for the last three hours. We are too hot. Can we get some air conditioning? If thermostat has been 2°F above or below Temperature Set Point Protocol for more than two hours, call Facilities Support Center at 214-768-7000.

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