Caruth Hall - Gold

Two images of the exterior of Caruth Hall

Caruth Hall is a 65,400-square foot facility constructed for the Bobby B. Lyle School of Engineering located at 3145 Dyer on the SMU Campus in Dallas, TX. The building was designed and constructed with the goal of achieving LEED Gold.

The project achieved 43 points under LEED NC 2.2.

The project reached substantial completion on May 27, 2010.

The land was previously occupied by three single-story lab buildings and one three-story mixed use building. All materials were recycled and some distinctive building features were incorporated into the new building.   Other new sustainability features include:

  • Larger windows to allow more natural light and reduce the need for artificial lighting.
  • Stairs in the building are centrally located to encourage their use instead of the elevator.
  • Reserved parking spaces give an incentive to drive alternative fuel powered vehicles.
  • Over 45% of the materials, by cost, for the building are from within 500 miles of campus to cut transportation costs and pollution.
  • Over 85% of waste materials from construction were recycled.
  • Natural materials were used in construction – the building's paint, rugs and wall coverings won't emit chemical gases.
  • The lab cabinetry was fabricated from wheat and environmentally friendly companies that follow certified forestry management techniques will provide the lumber
  • The building's sustainable approach includes simple reclamation approaches to save water such as a landscaping irrigation system that uses waste-water from the air conditioning system and waterless urinals, each of which will use over 59% less potable water and save 40,000 gallons of water annually.
  • 20% reduction in energy use

Project Team

Architect: Hahnfeld Hoffer Stanford
MEP Engineer: Purdy-McGuire
Structural Engineer: Thornton Tomasetti
Civil Engineer: Raymond L. Goodson, Jr., Inc.
Landscape Architect: Kevin Sloan Studios
Audio Visual Consultant: Acoustical Dimensions
General Contractor: Austin Commercial