Anita & Truman Arnold Dining Commons - Gold

Picture of the exterior of the Anita and Truman Arnold Dining Commons

The Anita and Truman Arnold Dining Commons is a 29,658 gross square foot student, faculty, and staff dining facility located at 5905 Bush Avenue on the SMU Campus in Dallas, Texas.  The building was designed and constructed with the goal of achieving LEED Gold.

Reaching substantial completion on May 1, 2014, the Anita and Truman Arnold Dining Commons achieved LEED Gold 2014 under LEED NC Version 3 with 63 points.

As the dining facility within the Residential Commons Complex, the Anita and Truman Arnold Dining Commons reflects:

  • Dedication of 52% of the site to vegetated open space.
  • 64% reduction of potable water used for irrigation.
  • Over 75% of occupied areas receive daylight and over 90% have views to the outdoors.
  • An overall energy cost savings estimated to be reduced by 24%. 
  • 34% energy cost savings achieved by utilizing LED lighting and motion sensors.
  • Water usage reduction by 30% through the installation of efficient plumbing fixtures.
  • Usage of 39% recycled content and 55% locally/regionally manufactured construction materials.
  • An Indoor Air Quality Plan inclusive of full building air flush out prior to occupancy to ensure optimal indoor air quality.

The site of the Residential Commons Complex features:

  • Multiple bus lines located within ¼ mile of the Complex to promote alternative transportation. 
  • Full cut-off exterior light fixtures to reduce light pollution and preserve dark night sky. 
  • Diversion of 75% (6,764 tons) of all construction waste from the landfill. 
  • Use of low VOC and formaldehyde–free products to ensure quality indoor air quality for construction workers future occupants. 
  • A green cleaning plan to maintain good indoor air quality after occupancy   
  • Dedicated recycling areas for paper, plastic, aluminum, glass, and cardboard.
  • Entrances with permanent walk off mats to reduce outdoor contaminants. 
  • Designation of smoking areas at least 25’ from entrances. 
  • Enhanced commissioning to confirm operation for maximum efficiency and energy use reduction. 
  • 35% of the predicted electricity use offset with Renewable Energy Credits.
  • Individual lighting and thermal comfort for occupant control.

Project Team

Architect: KSQ Architects
LEED Consultant: The Beck Group
MEP Engineer: Purdy-McGuire
Structural Engineer: Raymond L. Goodson Jr., Inc.
Civil Engineer: Raymond L. Goodson Jr., Inc.
Landscape Architect: The Office of Christopher Miller
Audio Visual Consultant: Wrightson, Johnson, Haddon & Williams (WJHW)
Construction Manager: HCBeck, Ltd.