SMU Campus Recreation Aquatics strives to provide quality water safety instruction and swim lessons for adults and children in a safe and encouraging environment. Instructors will design lessons for varying abilities, from non-swimmers to advanced stroke refinement.

Minor children must be age three (3) or older and out of diapers.

Please read the below conditions and rules. Request a Swim Lesson links are below. NOTE: All requests are reviewed and offered to instructors.  Once an instructor assumes the client, we will contact the requester and provide additional instructions and directions.

Lessons: 30 minutes

Private Lessons (1 Person Per Instructor Per Lesson):

·       Single Lesson: $40

·       5-Pack: $175

·       10-Pack: $320

Pairs Lessons (2 People Per Instructor Per Lesson):

·       Single Lesson: $70

·       5-Pack: $300

·       10-Pack: $500

SMU Campus Recreation Aquatics is NOT responsible for matching participants for Pairs lessons. Participants are responsible for acquiring their own partners. Pairs lessons provided to an individual will continue to account for one lesson.

We only accept VISA, MasterCard, and Discover payment methods.

Swim Lesson participants, accompanying family members or caretakers, and Swim Instructors are responsible for self-monitoring for signs or symptoms of COVID-19 before arrival for appointment. Stay at Home and cancel or reschedule (See Cancellations) IF:

·       Exhibiting Signs/Symptoms of COVID-19;

·       Contact with person(s) exhibiting signs/symptoms of COVID-19 or awaiting test results; or

·       Contact with someone that has tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 10 days.

Swim Lesson Rules:

·      SWIM LESSON PACKAGES WILL EXPIRE 180 DAYS OR 6 MONTHS FROM DATE OF PURCHASE. Package becomes invalid upon expiration.

  Swim Lessons are non-refundable and non-transferrable, only for the use of the person(s) to which it is sold.

·       Swim lesson participants and accompanying individuals will be expected to abide by University Policies and Dedman Center Rules and Expectations at all times while            on property.

·       Lessons must be purchased in advance from the Dedman Center before the first lesson.

·       Swim Lessons are only for the owner of the package or lesson.

·       Swim lesson participants are required to Check-in at the Dedman Center before entering the facility.

·       Except for the duration of the lesson, swim lesson participants are NOT permitted to use the pool or facility without a Dedman Center membership and subject to Dedman Center Rules and Standards.

·       The family members of swim lesson participants must remain on the pool deck during lesson and NOT permitted to use the pool or facility without a Dedman Center membership.

·       A single lesson is 30 minutes. Swim instructors may arrange for a longer duration, equating to multiple lessons. EX: a 1-hour session = 2 lessons.


·       COVID-19 related cancellations and reschedules may occur at any time with no penalty. Better Safe than Sorry.

·       COVID: Cancellations due to COVID-19 will require a minimum of 10 days of contact for the next appointment.

·       Cancellations are to be communicated three hours in advance between instructor and client or client and instructor.

·       Non-COVID-related cancellations or failure to arrive for scheduled lessons without proper notification will result in the loss of lesson.

·       Instructor Cancellations will not result in loss of lesson.


Tardy Participants

·       Late arrival by swim lesson participants will shorten the lesson by that amount of time with no refund or reimbursement.


Tardy Instructor

·       Instructors arriving later than 10 minutes for a scheduled appointment will result in a complimentary lesson to swim lesson participant’s package. Contact Aquatics Management/Dedman Center Operations at 214-768-4823 or dchamber@smu.edu.



·       A swim lesson participant dissatisfied with instructor may contact Aquatics Management/Dedman Center Operations at 214-768-4823 or dchamber@smu.edu.


Minor Children

·       Child participants are expected to be respectful to the instructor and adhere to safety directions.

·       Minors must be three years of age or older and out of diapers for lessons.

·       Parent/guardian MUST accompany minors at all times including the locker rooms.

·       COVID: We do not want wet patrons walking through the facility, so okay to use locker rooms escorted by parent/guardian or adult caretaker or change on the pool deck. If applicable, we suggest the WRAP-N-GO method of arriving in swim attire and immediately drying off after lesson, and wrapping in a towel to depart the facility.


Please submit the associated and relevant form below.  Once a suitable and appropriate swim instructor can be confirmed, a member of the SMU Campus Recreation Aquatics program will contact you.





  • Swimmers must abide by Dedman Center Rules and Protocols to access the pool.
  • All swimmers are to shower before entering the indoor pool or outdoor Falls area.
  • Patrons with open or infectious wounds are not permitted in either pool.
  • In the case of lightening, the exterior falls will be cleared and/or closed for a duration minimum of 30 minutes after last indication of lightening.
  • No gum or adhesive bandages are allowed in either pool.
  • Children under the age of 18 are allowed only during Family Hours and must be supervised by a parent or guardian.
    1. Parent or guardian must oversee minor in same area of the facility.
    2. Maximum of four children per adult.
    3. Minors will only be allowed at The Falls on Saturdays from 8:00am-1:00pm.
  • Children that wear diapers MUST wear a swim diaper.
  • Training equipment must be used in a manner for which it is intended.
  • Arm floaties and large flotation devices are prohibited in both pools.
  • Appropriate attire must be worn at all times. No thong bikinis or cut-off shorts will be allowed.
  • No person may conduct any personal aquatic activity classes at any time without written permission from the Director of Recreational Sports or the Aquatics Coordinator.
  • Persons under the influence or in possession of alcoholic beverages or narcotics are forbidden from using the pool.
  • Swimmers are not allowed to run and dive over the edges of the pools, dive or jump from lifeguard stands, or dive or jump from the deck backwards.  Flips from the side of the pool are not allowed.
  • Distracting a lifeguard from his/her duty or falsely summoning first aid is not allowed.
  • No glass of any kind permitted in the facility.
  • Dunking or hanging on the basketball rim or volleyball nets is not allowed.
  • No group may monopolize any particular area of the pool or pool area as to exclude others from use of that pool or pool area (excluding prior reservation).
  • Swimmers will not enter the indoor pool until a lifeguard is on duty.
  • Lifeguards have complete authority at all times under the supervision of the Head Lifeguard, Aquatics Assistant Manager or Aquatics Coordinator.
  • The aquatics staff may enforce any rule not found on this list if deemed necessary.
  • Choose an appropriate lane for the speed at which you will be swimming.
  • Lane 1 is fastest and speed decreases to Lane 5, the slowest.
  • Always swim on the right side of the lane, in a counter-clockwise fashion, unless all members of a lane decide to split the lane.
  • When passing, notify swimmer with a tap on the foot and pass on their left.
  • If you are continually passing or being passed, move into the next appropriate lane.  Please observe proper lane speeds.
  • Staff coverage below minimum requirement (2).  Pool may be temporarily closed until appropriate staffing can be met.
  • Lightening will result in temporary clearing or closure of the exterior pool for a duration minimum of 30 minutes after last indication.
  • Water temperature below 80o or above 84o Fahrenheit.
  • Chemical imbalance below or exceeding recommended levels.
  • Pool conditions determined to by unhygienic or a safety concern.
  • Power outage.
  • University or Dedman Center Operations initiates Evacuation, Shelter in Place, or Lockdown protocols.

Please stop by the Dedman Center for more information or contact our Aquatics Staff at 214-768-9916 or headguards@smu.edu