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Your campus HQ for fitness and fun.

Here at the Campus Recreation department, we'll get you going. From team sports to personal fitness to active fun, you'll find it all here.

We're located in the Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports. The Center offers 170,000 square feet of indoor recreational space plus an outdoor social area that includes The Falls (a zero entry pool with 7-foot waterfalls), two sand volleyball courts, and leisure spaces. So come check us out and find the active way you want to live.


Family Recreation Hours were created to permit Dedman Center Member families an opportunity to recreate together, as a family.

·       Saturdays, Sundays, and Federal Holidays Only (does not include local ISD breaks or holidays)

·       Minor Child MUST have a Dedman Center Minor Membership.

·       Minor Children Members must be accompanied by adult Dedman Center member to enter and at all times while using the facility.

·       Minor Children are NOT permitted in the weight room or use of fitness equipment.

In pursuit of cultivating the healthy student, we deliver opportunities that foster lifelong well-being through programs, services, and facilities. We focus on developing an inclusive and safe environment that allows students to explore social, emotional, and physical well-being through programs such as intramural sports, group fitness, personal training, outdoor adventure, sport clubs, spirit, band, and the Rotunda yearbook.


If you are a student interested in working at the Dedman Center, click the button below to be redirected to SMU Handshake to view active job vacancies and apply.



If unable to access job announcement in SMU Handshake, please email



  • Responsible for maintaining surveillance of the Dedman Recreation Center recreational pool and outdoor fountain area to enforce rules, prevent injury and perform American Red Cross Lifeguard, CPR-PR and First Aid techniques as needed
  • This position requires a commitment to work two shifts per week at the Dedman Recreation Center Recreational Pool and at least one weekend per month.
  • This position also requires a current certification in American Red Cross Lifeguard Training and CPR for the Professional Rescuer. 

Water Safety Instructor

  • Responsible for leading swim classes for a wide variety of age and skills levels.
  • Duties will include planning age and skill appropriate lessons and providing a safe environment for students.
  • This position requires certification as an American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor and CPR for the Professional Rescuer.
  • Previous experience teaching or working with children and American Red Cross Lifeguard certification preferred.

Water Fitness Instructor

  • Responsible for planning and leading water fitness classes.
  • This position requires a semester commitment.
  • This position requires certification from a recognized aquatic fitness organization (AEA, AFAA, or YMCA) and American Red Cross CPR for the Professional Rescuer.
  • American Red Cross Lifeguard certification and teaching experience preferred. Please stop by the Dedman Center for more information or contact our Aquatic Supervisors at


Operation Assistant

The Operations Assistant position is responsible for front line operations, organization, cleanliness, and safety within Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports and the included exterior premises (Falls and Sand Volleyball Courts).  Dedman Operations provides year-round employment, on-campus convenience, work scheduling flexibility, advancement with positive performance, and marketable hospitality/customer service resume experience.  Early morning, nights, and weekends may be required. Position Qualifications are:

  • Strong Customer Service skills
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Approachability, enthusiastic, and friendly; proactive and ability to anticipate patrons' needs
  • Federal Work Study will receive priority

Requirements of the position include but are not limited to:

  • Adhere to and enforce standards and procedures set forth by the Dedman Center Membership Standards and Operations Area Employee Manual.
  • Attend monthly meetings as scheduled
  • Ability to lift and carry 45 lbs
  • Work a minimum of 3 shifts/week


GX Instructors

Duties and Responsibilities:

Teach fun and exciting fitness classes at SMU. Must have a general understanding of all SMU group exercise and fitness policies and provide excellent customer service to all instructional class participants and patrons of the Recreation Center. Instruct fun and safe instructional classes in accordance with certifications and within experience and training. Flexible hours and in-house training.


  • High level of responsibility
  • AFAA or ACE Group Exercise Certification
  • Current CPR/AED Certifications

Previous experience teaching group exercise classes preferred.

Personal Training

SMU Personal Training program only employs trainers who have the following primary Personal Trainer Certifications: ACE, ACSM, AFAA, NSCA, Cooper Institute and NASM. This position is the highest-paying job for students on campus, and is in high demand. Completing Personal Trainer Prep does not, by any means, guarantee you of a job as a trainer for the SMU Personal Training program. Positions will be offered on a need-be basis each semester to select students who meet the criteria described above.

This position requires:

  • Current Adult CPR certification
  • One-on-one personal train
  • Attend monthly meetings
  • Work events and providing Orientation Sessions
  • Keep Current Certification
  • Attend two workshops in a year for CEC's/CEU's ("Continuing Education Credits/Continuing Education Units")


Join the intramural program on the other side of the whistle. Enjoy an atmosphere where you get to make friends, make money, and make the call! No experience is necessary as all training is provided by the intramural program. You will just need to attend the trainings associated with each sport to enter the hiring process and be eligible for hire.* You will not need to complete an application prior to attending the first training session. Games are played Sunday-Thursday in the evenings and scheduling is very flexible. Officials are still able to participate on teams in the league.

All trainings will get started in Dedman Center Classroom 1 and athletic attire is required.


Wednesday, January 20, 6 - 9 p.m.

Tuesday, January 26, 7 - 9 p.m.

Wednesday, January 27, 6 - 9:30 p.m.

All required

Indoor Soccer:

Tuesday, February 2, 6 – 9 p.m.


Wednesday, March 16, 6 – 9 p.m.

Please contact Bonnie Hainline with any questions or concerns.

*Attendance to training does not guarantee hire


SMU Outdoor Adventures (OA) is one of the Best Leadership Development Programs on Campus! We change lives and positively impact others. SMU OA transcends recreation and focuses on preparing future leaders for life after SMU. Whether designing and delivering outdoor recreational trips and workshops, mentoring and instructing peers, or working shifts at the Rental Shop and Climbing Wall, the SMU OA Leader is positively impacting the lives of others. We get to do this using fun, exciting and challenging activities like rock climbing, backpacking, canoeing, caving and more. And did we mention it's paid?

Outdoor experience is not the most important qualification; what is important is true motivation, a passion for the outdoors and the desire to teach others. Training and development opportunities are made available. Leadership opportunities are available year-round (if desired) extending throughout the university career or as long as is desired and is beneficial to the individual and the program. Leader training takes time, energy, commitment and dedication to the Leader Mission:
We, as Leaders of the SMU Outdoor Adventures program, strive to enrich ourselves, the SMU community and the program. We role model leadership by constantly building and maintaining interpersonal, educational and outdoor skills, a high level of self-awareness, and an atmosphere of excellence. We create an environment that improves lives and reaches beyond the program and ourselves.

Applications are accepted year-round, however, hiring of leaders will be determined by program needs. Vacancies will be advertised.

Interested in gaining life-long transferrable leadership skills?

Application Process:

  1. Submit an online application. Applications submitted incomplete will not be considered.
  2. Application review by the Hiring Committee.
  3. Interview by Hiring Committee.
  4. Interview by program administrators.
  5. Trip Leader applicants must complete the Outdoor Leadership Training (OLT) trip.

For any questions please contact the Outdoor Adventures Office at 214-768-9918 or email

SMU campus community and paid members. We welcome all level, skills, and abilities no matter the background, ethnicity, race, age, sexual orientation, or religion. All SMU Students, members and guest are expected to follow Dedman Center Member Expectations and Standards and demonstrate appropriate etiquette. 

ALL STUDENTS, MEMBERS AND GUEST WILL BE EXPECTED TO FOLLOW AND ABIDE BY THE DEDMAN CENTER’S RULES AND PROTOCOLS. Blatant violation and disregard may result in suspended or Activity or behaviors, real or perceived, deemed to discriminate, deceive, harass, offend, intimidate, or cause harm to self, others, staff or property will not be tolerated.


  • MUST be an enrolled SMU student, a Dedman Center Member, or paid Guest.

o   SMU Enrolled Student = Enrolled in credit-bearing classes on a degree path + Payment of tuition and general student fees.

o   Member = a duration based membership based on affiliation with the University.

o   Guest = Daily Guest Membership (1 day) or Guest Pass Package (# of visits for a specific price). Does not include purchase of Personal Training or Swim Lessons.

  • MUST be 18 years of age or older to purchase a membership or paid guest.
  • MUST present valid and current identification in the form of an SMU ID card or government issued photo ID in compliance with University Policies 9.1 Guests on Campus and 9.2 Identification of Individuals.
  • See Dedman Center Memberships for more information


MINORS (under age 18)

•       Minors are NOT permitted with the purchase of a Guest Membership (1 day) or Guest Pass Packages or Dedman Pass.

•       ONLY Minors with an Annual Minor Membership available with Membership may use the Dedman Center during Family Recreation Hours unless participating in a Campus Recreation sponsored or approved program/camp.

•       Minor MUST be in the company of parent Member at all times while using the Dedman Center.


 The Dedman Center strives to be a welcoming environment for all of the campus community. The Dedman Center Members and Guest are expected to:

    • Treat every student, member, and guest as they would like to be treated with respect, dignity, and courtesy.

    • Follow the Dedman Center Rules and Protocols.

    • Report injuries, illness, and inappropriate or suspicious behaviors to the Dedman Center’s Operation Staff or Desk.

    • Ask Dedman Center Operations for assistance if needed or not familiar with the operation or use of equipment, machines, rules, or protocols.

    • Return Dedman Center check-out equipment to the desk in the condition it was given.

    • Not use obscene and offensive behaviors or language including music loud enough for others to hear.

    • Follow proper gym etiquette to include but not limited to:

      o Cleaning equipment, machines, and mats after use;
      o Picking up trash and equipment;
      o Returning towels, equipment, and benches to proper locations;
      o Racking own weights; and
      o Don’t “homestead” on equipment or machines. Share when not using.


  • Follow directions of the Dedman Center Operations staff and Campus Recreation professionals in an emergency.
  • Music and language deemed offensive or obscene is not permitted.
  • Shoes and shirts are required within the building (excluding swimming pool) and for activity.
  • Food is prohibited beyond the entrance lobby unless approved for a Special Event.
  • Drinks and bottles must have a lid to prevent spills.
  • Consumption or possession of alcohol and drugs are not permitted on the property.
  • Smoking and Vaping are not permitted on premises and only 25 feet from the front entrance per University Policy 1.19 Smoking and Tobacco
  • Service Animals In compliance with University Policy 1.17 Animals are welcome. Pets, service animals in-training, and Emotional Support Animals (ESA) are not permitted within Dedman and property without approval outlined in Policy 1.17.
  • Weapons, as defined by University Policy 9.5 Weapons, are prohibited on property.
  • Solicitation is prohibited on property as stated in University Policy 9.13 Solicitation. Exclusions are informational only activities by University departments and student organizations.
  • Wheeled devices that are not ADA devices necessary for mobility are prohibited to include but not limited to: roller blades/skates, scooters, skateboards, hover boards, wheeled shoes, etc.
  • Personal Training by non-Campus Recreation employees is prohibited and will result is expulsion or suspension from facility.
  • Individuals that fail to return, or cause damage, intended or not, to equipment or property will be charged for repair, retrieval, or replacement.
  • Lockers must be emptied daily before closing or rented from the Dedman Center.
  • Athletic teams must acquire Campus Recreation Department approval to conduct team practices, team events, or team workouts.


  • Must be age 18 or older to use fitness and workout equipment including machines and free weights.

  • Fitness floor equipment and machines are first come, first serve. If not actively using equipment, it is available to others.

  • Closed toe shoes are required.

  • Shirts or acceptable work out attire required.

  • Weights and workout equipment are not to be removed from the Fitness floor or studios.

  • Personal speakers are prohibited on fitness floor and weight room.

  • Bags and backpacks are not permitted on the floor and should be stored in designated locations.

  • Report any damage to the facility space or injuries.


  • Courts are first come, first serve unless reserved by a department or student group.

  • Courts may not be dominated by an individual or group. People or teams should be rotated into play and use of half courts when demand exceeds capacity.

  • Respect others desire to recreate by sharing courts with other activities such but not limited to: volleyball, badminton, etc. When in high demand, activities not specific to basketball should use half courts when possible and not set up in the middle of courts.

  • Proper athletic shoes are required for play.

  • No hanging on the basketball goal nets.

  • When multi-use court in use, all exterior doors must be closed.

  • Do NOT move the convertible wall in the Racquetball/Squash courts without assistance from the Dedman Center’s Operation staff.

  • Pick up all trash and return equipment to proper location.

  • Report any damage to the facility space or injuries to the Dedman Center’s front desk.

STUDIO USE (Mat Room, Studio 2, and Studio 3)

  • Studios are first come, first (Drop-In) serve unless reserved by a department or student group.

  • Classrooms and Studio 1 are not available for Drop-In Use and must be reserved in advance through Dedman Center’s Reservations and Special Events.

  • For Drop-In Use of studios, individual MUST sign in at the Dedman Center’s front desk.

  • Drop-In use of studio is limited to 1 hour per individual.

  • Not permitted to use stereo or enter storage closets.

  • Proper shoes for the activity in studios 2 and 3.

  • No shoes on Mat in Mat Room.

  • Using disinfectant, spray and wipe down mat floor when finished.

  • Pick up trash and return room to original condition.

  • Report any damage to facility space or injuries to the Dedman Center’s front desk.


  • Use of the courts is for the SMU students and the Dedman Center’s members and paid guests.

  • Courts are first come, first serve unless an existing reservation by a department or student organization.

  • To facilitate fairness, a court should not be dominated by a group if others are waiting to play. Rotate groups/people into matches and games.

  • Access to the courts must be through Dedman Center’s main entrance.

  • No consumption or possession of alcohol or drugs on property.

  • No smoking or vaping on property per University Policy 1.19 Smoking and Tobacco

  • No glass containers or products.

  • Pick up trash and return the space to original, or better, condition than you found it.



To protect the privacy of Dedman Center members and Southern Methodist University, filming within Dedman Center property is prohibited without proper prior approval.

Non-SMU Affiliation

To film in the Dedman Center, non-SMU affiliated individuals must seek permission from SMU Public Affairs.

SMU Departments, Organizations, and Students:

Photographing/filming for any purpose will require approval the Dedman Center Administration. A completed Request to Photograph/Film at Dedman form must be submitted 24 business hours in advance of photo/film shoot date (See Forms). Business hours is defined as Monday-Friday.

Once approved, the requesting individual must complete and submit the Consent for Publication of Photograph signed by any individuals appearing in photographs or video including but not limited to: models, participants, crew, and bystanders.

Submit completed Request and Consent form electronically to: Or in-person to: David Chambers, Associate Director of Operations Monday-Friday: 9am - 4:30pm

Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports Office Suite 110

Dedman Center Photographing/Filming Policies:

  • Photographs and film may not be published, sold, reproduced, transferred, distributed, or otherwise commercially exploited in any manner whatsoever to include social media.

  • Photography, videography or filming is not permitted in Dedman Center locker rooms or restrooms.

  • Under no condition are Minors (<18 years of age) permitted to be photographed or filmed.

  • All photography and filming must be conducted during operational hours without disturbing, interfering, or limiting Dedman Center operations or member’s access to facility space or equipment.

  • Prior permission by all photographic subjects must be secured with signed photo release.

  • The Department of Recreational Sports reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to withhold and/or withdraw permission to photograph on its premises or the reproduction of photographs that include facilities, members, and staff.

Procedures for Photographing/Filming at Dedman Center:

  • A completed Request form must be submitted 24 business hours prior to your anticipated time of photography/filming. Submission of form does not guarantee approval. Forms submitted on weekends or holidays will not be reviewed until the next business day.

  • Email approval or denial will be sent to requester.

  • Check-In at the Front Desk upon arrival at Dedman Center with copy of Approval Email.

  • Front Desk will have copy of approved request.

  • Non-SMU personnel will need to complete Guest procedures and pay the $10 guest fee to enter.

  • Photographs/filming of Group Exercise and Personal Training must be approved by SMU Fitness program in addition to completion of this request.

  • Photographing/filming on or at the Climbing Wall must be approved by SMU OutdoorAdventures in addition to the completion of this request.

  • Notify Dedman Center Front Desk when completed/departing.

Forms for Filming

  • Request to Photograph/Film at Dedman (PDF)

  • Consent for Publication of Photograph Form (PDF)

If you have any questions or comments, please contact 214-768-4823


Dedman Center's Lost/Found is located at the Front Desk. If the owner can be identified, Dedman Center staff will make attempts to notify via email. Visit the Front Desk or call 214-768-3374. It helps to provide a detailed description and date lost/missing.

NOTE: Dedman Center Administration is unable to view past video footage to find lost/missing items. If suspected theft, contact SMU Police at 214-768-3333.

  • Items retained for 2 weeks or longer will be donated to a local charitable organization.

  • Valuables are defined as personal items (wallets, credit cards, etc.), electronics and jewelry estimated in value of over $100 will be handed to SMU Police within 24 hours.

  • A photo ID will be required to retrieve items designated as valuable.

Main Desk Phone: 214-768-3374


Physical Address:
Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports
Southern Methodist University
6000 Bush Ave
Dallas, TX 75205

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 750161
Dallas, TX 75275


Bonnie Hainline

Director of Campus Recreation

Ph: 214-768-3367 |

David Chambers

Associate Director of Operations

Ph: 214-768-4823 | 

Gina Garcia

Assistant Director of Fitness

Ph: 214-768-4818 |

Albert Mitugo

Assistant Director, Outdoor Adventures 

Ph: 214-768-4822 |

Cy Fondal

Assistant Director, Sport Programs

Ph: 214-768-6104 |

Angelie Lara

Assistant Director, Operations and Aquatics

Ph: 214-768-9916 |


What is required to purchase a membership or guest pass option?

  • The membership or guest pass option must be sold to the individual that will be using and the individual must be 18 years of age or older and present an SMU, Dedman Center Member Card, or government issued photo ID to the front desk.

I attended SMU.  Is there a discounted membership?

  •  Alumni (completed all academic requirements to earn a degree from SMU) are eligible for a discounted membership.  See Memberships.

Is there an option to purchase memberships or guest pass options online?

  •  The Dedman Center’s Online Member Portal does permit the purchase of memberships and guest pass options online.  See Online Member Portal for more information and instructions.

I did not attend SMU.  Can I enroll for a membership?

  •  The Dedman Center offers a variety of memberships and guest options for non-SMU affiliated individuals.  See Memberships.

I just want to use the indoor pool or climbing wall.  Is there a special membership of fee?

  • Unfortunately, no.  Due to the design of the Dedman Center, a membership or guest pass option allows access to the entire facility and services provided.  Note, some services may have an additional charge. 

Can I use my Guest Pass Package for a friend or family member?

  • Unfortunately, no.  Guest Pass Package is non-transferrable and only valid for the person it was sold.

Can I train in a private area if I do not want to work out in front of other people?

  • Please let your trainer know and he/she can train you in a less exposed area of the gym or in a studio room (if it is available).


I am a member here, and I want to bring my grandkids/kids' friends to the Rec Center. Am I allowed to do this?

  • Our current policies do not allow for grandparents to bring their grandchildren unless the grandchildren live with the grandparents as dependents. Our policy reads that we allow children in with parents who are members of the facility. It reads that "Children are only allowed in with their parents", which alleviates grandparents from bringing their grandchildren.

I am a member and my child wants to bring his/her friends here to spend the day. Can I do that?

  • Children under 18 can only be admitted with his/her own parent present; and that parent MUST be a member of the facility (i.e. Fac/Staff/Student/Member).

What are my kids allowed to use at the Rec Center?

  • As long as you are with them, they may use anything in the building, except the workout equipment on the weight room floor, and the cardio overlook on the second floor. But, YOU must check out equipment; minors may not check out equipment for their own use.


I would like to reserve space in the Dedman Center.  Is that possible and what do I need to do?

  •  The Dedman Center does not reserve space within the facility to individuals.  Space within the Dedman Center may only be reserved by recognized SMU student organization or University department.  All others including non-SMU affiliated groups and organizations would be considered Special Events and require a facility rental contract with associated rental and other fees.  See Room Reservations.