SMU (student, employee, retiree, sponsored) must acquire on-campus parking from the SMU Parking and ID Card Office.

See Membership Rates to see on-campus parking for your membership type. 

Beginning 2022, on-campus parking for Dedman Members will change to Meadows Parking Garage and Mustang Parking Center, located on Mustang Circle from Bush Ave. Binkley and Moody garages will no longer accept Dedman Member Cards.


Membership types that require a purchase of on-campus parking will need to visit the Dedman Center’s front desk in-person with the following information:

  • Primary Phone and Email
  • Primary Mailing Address
  • Vehicle Make and Model
  • Vehicle Year and Color
  • Vehicle License Plate and State

Membership types that include on-campus parking should complete the Member Parking Request Form below.


  • SMU Students, Employees, and Sponsored Accounts must purchase parking through the SMU Parking and ID Card office, and use their designated parking locations.
  • Dedman Member On-Campus Parking is based on a calendar year (date of purchase-Dec 31 of current year) and will not correspond with membership enrollment dates.
  • Dedman Member Card is required to enter Mustang Circle Parking Center.
  • Parking permits are issued to the individual member, not the vehicle. Individual member is only permitted a single parking permit. Individual may register up to 2 different vehicles to a single permit.
  • Citations will be issued for multiple vehicles registered under one individual parked on-campus at the same time.
  • On-campus parking permits are based on the vehicle license plate number. When purchasing or requesting parking, confirm the correct vehicle license plate number entered.
  • On-campus Permits will receive a virtual permit via email from the SMU Parking and ID Card Office. The email will contain important information and instructions to manage your parking account such as but not limited to: add/remove vehicles, change license plate numbers, edit contact information, pay citations, etc.

FAQ & Map


Using Your Dedman Member Card:

  • Tolltags are not activated for SMU Parking and currently not available to Dedman Members.
  • Ensure card is not physically damaged or badly bent. If so, a replacement may be purchased.
  • Minimize interference by presenting the card only. Some credit cards, wallets or ID card holders will prevent the reader from recognizing the signal.
  • Present card properly by placing the card flat against the reader with picture facing you but directly on the reader for 2 seconds (see below)


Additional Resources

  • Jumpstart Your Workout! (PDF) Discover the number of of calories burned while walking from the various parking garages to the Dedman Center.
  • Parking and ID Cards Services Office: 214-768-7275
  • SMU Police: Emergencies dial 911 from a campus phone or 214-768-3333; Non-Emergencies: 214-768-3388

Any questions, comments, suggestions regarding the SMU Recreational Center website should be directed to, or at the Main Desk at 214-768-3374.