Miscellaneous Fees and Products

At this time, the Dedman Center is not offering Daily Guest Membership or Guest Pass Package options for purchase.  Guest Pass Package with current and valid passes remaining as of March 15, 2020 may email Dedman Center Membership Administrator at dedman_memberships@smu.edu for more information.

$40 + tax

Replacement ID card must be purchased if current Dedman Member Card is deemed inoperable within 2 years of original issue.

Variable fee charge to replace unreturned, missing, or damaged check out equipment based on price charged to replace with new equipment.


Fee for to retrieve balls or other equipment requiring roof access, additional manpower, or additional equipment.


Dedman Members are permitted 3 forgotten ID cards each semester. Government issued photo ID can be used in place of SMU ID. If unable to produce a photo ID after 3 forgotten ID, must pay the fee to enter. Only valid with current membership.

Half Locker (Men & Women): $15/semester

Full Locker (Women): $25/semester

Rental is by semester up to 3 semesters.
Must provide own lock. 
Expiring Lockers will receive 3 notices of upcoming expiration. Upon Expiration, lock will be cut and contents emptied. Day Use Lockers available at no charge and locker must be emptied by closing.

Standard Locker Combination Lock: $8 plus tax

Programmable Combination Lock: $12.50 plus tax

Semester Towel Service: $12

Unlimited bath towels for the duration of the service with a limit of 2 towels at a single time.
Expires end of the last semester purchased.
Towel service is by semester up to 3 semesters.

$4.50 + tax


Name brand, quality tennis balls. No refund once opened.