Reservation is the dedicated and committed space for an SMU chartered or probationary status Student Organization or SMU Academic/Business department. To be considered, Reservations for Dedman Center should be received 3 business days (Monday-Friday) in advance of intended date.

  • Dedman Center Reservations are accepted from SMU chartered student organizations and SMU academic/business departments. See Drop-In Use below.
  • All attendees and participants are SMU students or SMU faculty/staff.
  • Total attendance/participation is less than 50 people.
  • Reoccurring Reservations are limited to: 2 hour duration, 1 per day, and 3 days per week.
  • Space use must be relevant to space design and intended use.
  • No food distributed or consumed.
  • Classroom or Meeting Space is desired.
  • Activities involving instructor-led activities, classes, and workshops MUST be approved by SMU Campus Recreation.
  • Non-SMU attendees must be approved by SMU Campus Recreation or See Special Events below.
  • See additional instructions, limitations, and permissions outlined below.

Special Event

Special Events are classified differently and will require adherence to Campus Recreation and University Polices, Procedures and Protocols regarding Events on Campus.  Fees will apply. 

For Special Events to be considered, an reservation request must be received 4 weeks prior to the desired date. Contractual agreement between the organization or department and Campus Recreation will be required and completed at least 2 weeks prior to event dates.

To begin the Special Event procedures or request additional information, contact David Chambers, Associate Director of Operations, at 214-768-4823 or

Special Event criteria includes but not limited to:

  • Events will be dependent upon space availability.
  • Duration exceeds 3 hours and attendance/participation exceeds 50 people.
  • Involves Non-SMU attendance or participation.
  • Requires an attendance, participation, or registration fee, or hosted/sponsored by an external to SMU non-profit or for-profit organization, association, business, club, etc.
  • Activities involving minors (individuals under the age of 18 years), animals, and serving or distribution of food.
  • Event is outside of Dedman Center’s published hours of operation.
  • Requires special set-up and breakdown such as manipulation of space, stage, tables, chairs, music, food service, floor coverings, etc.

What Rules, Procedures or Guidelines When Reserving Space?

  • All spaces must be returned to the original condition and trashed removed before the end of the reservation or event.
  • Smoking, vaping, and the possession or consumption of illicit drugs are prohibited on property and will result in immediate termination of reservation or event, student conduct discipline case on the organization and/or requester, and possibly charges with SMU Police.
  • Possession, consumption, or influence of alcohol is prohibited on-property and will result in immediate termination of the reservation or event, student conduct discipline case on the organization and/or requester, and possibly charges with SMU Police.
  • The reservation requester and organization or department will be held responsible for damage, repairs, and/or or additional charges associated with a return to original condition as determined by SMU Campus Recreation.
  • Failure to follow Event/Reservation Expectations or abide by the Rules and Guidelines will result in loss of future reservations, additional charges, and possible submission to Student Conduct and Community Standards.
  • SMU Campus Recreation reserves the right to cancel Reservations and Events at any time.

NOTE: To submit a Reservation requires SMU Log In Credentials.

A Request is only a request. The request does not approve or confirm a reservation.  Requesters will receive a reservation confirmation email upon approval.  Without this approval, the space is not reserved and use of the space will be denied upon arrival to Dedman Center.

  1. Log into SMU STABLE
  2. Select Indoor Reservation Request
    1. Enter the Meeting/Event Title to include the SMU student organization or Academic/Business department name (EX: Campus Recreation Yoga Class).
    2. Enter a brief and detailed Description to include the following:
      1. SMU student organization or academic/business department hosting or sponsoring reservation;
      2. Type of attendees (SMU and/or Non-SMU) and expected attendance/participation;
      3. Activities to be conducted in space; AND
      4. Any additional considerations such as but not limited to: food or drink served or distributed, vendors, DJ, music, etc.,
    3. Enter the Reservation Type (Activity)
    4. Answer the additional questions.
    5. Unless otherwise directed, no Org number is necessary.
  3. Select Continue
    1. Enter the Start Date and Time to include set up.
    2. Enter the End Date and Time to include breakdown and clean up.
    3. For Property, enter Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports, Intramural Field or Crum La Crosse and Multi-Sport Field.
  4. Select Show More Search Options
    1. Enter number of people expected to attend, not just participate.
  5. Select Search
    1. The associated space in the Dedman Center will appear at the bottom.
    2. Select the desired space.
  6. Select Continue
    1. Select Change General Information to make edits to description, etc.
    2. Select Change Time and Location to edit dates/times or space.
    3. To create a reoccurring reservation (same times and space), select Repeat This Reservation.
    4. If complete, select OK, Close Wizard.

If a Special Event, additional information and requirements will be communicated via email to the requester.