Q. Who can enroll in PRW 3305 Personal Responsibility and Community?
A. PRW 3305 is open to ALL SMU students. Seats fill quickly in fall and spring semesters, so check enrollment status often during drop/add if sections were full during your enrollment period. This course is also offered during summer II session.

Q. Why can't I enroll in a PRW 3303 Self, Identity & Community section?
A. All sections of PRW 3303 are restricted to Hilltop Scholars Program students only.

Q. How many PRW2 courses are SMU students allowed to enroll in?
A. PRW2 courses meet once a week for one hour. Student learning outcomes occur in the movement setting in combination with learning experiences, assignments, and quizzes on CANVAS. UC (University Curriculum) students take one PRW2 to complete their requirement, earn the letter grade and credit hour. UC students may then take up to four additional PRW2 courses for pass/fail only. CC (Common Curriculum) students may take no more than two PRW2 courses for general elective credit, and earn the letter grade and credit hour for each.

Q. A class is full that I need to take . . . what should I do?
A. Many classes, especially popular activity classes, fill quickly. Keep checking access to see if someone drops the class. If you are graduating and must have a class to graduate, contact the individual instructor.

Q. I am registered for a PRW class but do not know which room to go to on the first day of class . . . where do I go?
A. PRW classes will meet in the Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports. As you walk in the front door, look out for signs pointing you in the right direction. Be sure to bring a schedule that has your section number or instructor (There are always several classes meeting at the same time).

Q. Where are the Wellness Offices located?
A. The Wellness Offices are on the lower floor of the Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports. Walk down the stairs through the Fitness area and the offices are on the left.