Q. Why can't I get into a Fall PRW 1 1101 class if I am an upperclassman?
A. All Fall PRW 1: 1101 classes are reserved for incoming Freshmen. PRW 1: 1101 is specifically designed for first year students in the Fall. If you did not get to take PRW 1: 1101 your first semester at SMU, take the class in the Spring semester. Spring PRW 1: 1101 classes are open to all students.

Q. Where are the Wellness Offices located?
A. The Wellness Offices are on the lower floor of the Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports. Walk down the stairs through the Fitness area and the offices are on the left.

Q. Why do I only get 1 credit for a class that meets 3 hours a week?
A. Personal Responsibility and Wellness classes are participation based and require very little out of class work. A typical 3-credit class includes approximately 3 hours of in class time and at least 6 hours a week of studying and homework. In Wellness classes you will have only 3 hours of class time a week. There are no tests or exams in the course!

Q. A class is full that I need to take...what should I do?
A. Many classes, especially popular activity classes, fill quickly. Keep checking access to see if someone drops the class. If you are graduating and must have a class to graduate, contact the individual instructor.

Q. I am registered for a PRW class but do not know which room to go to on the first day of class...where do I go ?
A. Wellness classes will meet on the first day in the Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports. As you walk in the front door, look out for signs pointing you in the right direction. Be sure to bring a schedule that has your section number or instructor (There are always several classes meeting at the same time).

Q. I am a student athlete or a dance major...how do I get credit for my PRW-II requirement?
A. Register for PRW 2: 2190 by contacting Dr. Donna Gober.