Forms for Admission to Ph.D. Candidacy

When you are ready to apply for candidacy as a Ph.D. student, please submit the following forms to the Moody School of Graduate and Advanced Studies.  These can also be sent directly by the department.  

  1. Dean's Approval for Admission to Candidacy
  2. Ph.D. Qualifying Examination Report (DocuSign Version initiated by student)

If a student will be receiving an en-route master's degree, the department must notify the Director of Graduate Studies within the department prior to the graduation application deadline for that semester. 

Forms for Graduation

Master's Degree

  1. Establishment of Examination Committee 
  2. Written/Oral Examination Report (non-thesis) (DocuSign Version initiated by student)  
  3. Oral Examination Report (thesis) (DocuSign Version initiated by student)  
  4. Program Completion Report (MASDA students only) (DocuSign Version initiated by student)
  5. SMU Scholar Deposit Agreement form (thesis) (DocuSign Version initiated by student

Ph.D. Degree

  1. Establishment of Examination Committee  
  2. Ph.D. Examination Report (DocuSign Version initiated by student one or two days prior to scheduled defense day only
  3. SMU Scholar Deposit Agreement form(dissertation) (DocuSign Version initiated by student)  

Registrar Forms

Registrar Forms Library
The Registrar maintains the forms that must be processed by their office.  Certain forms can only be accessed by faculty or staff, so you should check with your departmental Director of Graduate Studies or the Moody School if you need to access a restricted form, such as the Enrollment Discrepancy Petition (used to add or drop a class after the deadline).

Ph.D. Student Safety Net Funds

Ph.D. Student Safety Net Funds - Timeline Proposal Form