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Welcome to the Student Records Forms Library. This site is designed to help speed the delivery of needed documents. Please note all forms must be printed out and completed in paper format since most require valid signatures.

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Restricted Forms for Faculty & Staff

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  • Administrative Drop Request
  • Academic Honors and Awards
  • Course Catalog Update Form
  • Exclude from GPA Grade Basis
  • First-Year Course Repeat Request Form
  • Grade Basis Change Request Form
  • Grade Change Request Form
  • Grade of Incomplete Agreement for Graduate Courses
  • Grade Replacement Repeat
  • Grade Replacement Repeat Authorization ADDENDUM
  • Graduate/Professional Transfer Credits Accepted
  • Information Sheet for Claiming Veterans
  • Notice of Special Topic
  • Petition for Enrollment Policy Exception
  • Rebuilding Readmitted Student Academic Records Form
  • Request for Internal Transfer Credit
  • Student Petition For Withdrawal/Cancellation
  • Test Credit Form
  • Transfer Grades for Graduation Candidates/Form Letter
  • Transfer Rules Request Form