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Sarah Allen

OAC 2110
Sarah Allen

Sarah Allen

Associate Professor and Co-Chair of Music Education

Dr. Sarah Allen teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in music education and instrumental music pedagogy. Her research interests span multiple disciplines and focus on motor skill development in music, music teaching effectiveness, and the development of expertise in music and music teaching. She has presented her research at over 30 conferences around the world, including China, Spain, Canada, Argentina, Scotland, Iceland and New Zealand, and her work has been published in journals including the Journal for Research in Music Education, Psychology of Music, and Update: Applications of Research in Music Education. She currently serves as the editor of the Texas Music Education Research journal for the Texas Music Educators Association.


Ph.D. and M.M. in Music and Human Learning, The University of Texas at Austin


MUED 2250 New Horizons in Music Education
MUED 3331 Instrumental Music Methods
MPED 4305 Introduction to Instrumental Music Pedagogy
MPED 6305 Introduction to Instrumental Music Pedagogy
MUED 6340 Research Methods in Music Education
MUED 6354 Music Learning & Teaching Effectiveness
EDU 5327 Integrating Teaching and Learning


Simmons, A., Allen, S., Cash, C., & Duke. (2019). Effects of early break intervals on musicians’ and nonmusicians’ skill learning. Psychology of Music, 47(1), 83-95.

Duke, R., Allen, S., Cash, C., & Simmons, A. (2015). Practice like a pro. Southwestern Musician, January 2015 issue.

Cash, C., Allen, S., Simmons, A., & Duke, R. (2014). Effects of model performances on music skill acquisition and overnight memory consolidation. Journal of Research in Music Education, 62(1), 89-99.

Allen, S. & Duke, R. (2013). The effects of limited, restricted music practice on overnight memory enhancement. Update: Applications of Research in Music Education, 32(1), 67-73.

Allen, S. (2013). Memory stabilization and enhancement following music practice. Psychology of Music, 41(6), 794-803.

Duke, R., Cash, C., & Allen, S. (2011). Focus of attention affects performance of motor skills in music. Journal of Research in Music Education, 59, 44-55.

Duke, R., Allen, S., Cash, C., & Simmons, A. (2009). Effects of early and late rest breaks during training on overnight memory consolidation of a keyboard melody. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences: The Neurosciences and Music III: Disorders and Plasticity, 1169, 169-172.

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