B.A. in Fashion Media

“Clothes make the man,” writer Mark Twain famously quipped. “Naked people have little or no influence in society.” While the sentiment may not be 100% accurate, what we put on, in and do to our bodies creates a vast social, cultural and economic system usually just referred to as fashion.

SMU’s Fashion Media program prepares students to become empowered, resilient professionals, ready to engage with fashion on a number of fronts. Based in the Division of Journalism, the program teaches students best practices for writing and reporting on the fashion field through print, photography, video and social media, and how those skills can be applied in various media careers, like public relations and advertising. Course work emphasizes how to report on and critically engage with the consumer aspects of fashion: From what we buy and wear to our beauty and fitness routines.

Students learn industry-standard software for design, video editing and digital analytics, preparing them to be innovative leaders for years to come through courses like Fashion, Media & Culture, Media & the Art of Design, and Fashion Journalism, as well as the division’s extensive journalism and broadcast offerings.

Moreover, Dallas’ profile as a fashion center offers a rich laboratory in which SMU’s Fashion Media students can sharpen their skills. Many Fashion Media majors enjoy internships in Dallas and in other major markets, and students have the opportunity to work with various student publications including SMU Look: Hilltop Fashion and Style Magazine, Look-TV and the Daily Campus.

To join the Fashion Media program, University students must achieve a minimum GPA of 2.5 across Introduction to Academic Writing (WRTR 1312), the Writing and Editing Tutorial and Laboratory (JOUR 2103), Fashion, Media and Culture (JOUR 2310), and Building Digital Audiences (MSA 2305) with no grade lower than C+.

The below plan is for incoming students; current students should consult their advisor about their specific degree requirements.