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William J. O'Neil Program in Business Journalism

Mark Vamos

As global markets and fast-paced technological change buffet American workers, consumers, investors and companies, business news has moved from the back pages to the front page. The O’Neil Program equips aspiring journalists with both the technical knowledge to understand often complex business and economic issues, and the journalistic skills to make those topics understandable and accessible to readers. And because an ability to follow the money is critical to many beats, the tools and techniques developed in this program will also prepare students for more sophisticated and insightful coverage of subjects ranging from national and local politics to technology, the entertainment industry and the environment.

This innovative interdisciplinary program includes courses in both the Cox School of Business and the economics department. In addition to the 37 credit hours required for the Journalism major, students wishing to concentrate in business and finance journalism will complete either a second major in business, the 18-hour traditional minor in business administration, or the new 18-hour minor in business offered for non-Cox undergraduates, plus Economics 1311 and 1312. Students will put into practice what they’re learning about business, financial markets, and economics in advanced journalism classes and in coverage of North Texas companies and the regional economy.

Admission to the program is subject to the approval of the O’Neil Chair, Mark Vamos.

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Art History

Arts Management and Arts Entrepreneurship

Corporate Communication and Public Affairs

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Film and Media Arts


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B.A. in Journalism

William J. O'Neil Program in Business Journalism

Minor in Journalism

B.A. in Fashion Media

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