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B.A. in Advertising - Digital Media Strategy Specialization

Temerlin Advertising Institute's Digital Media Strategy specialization prepares students to enter the world of advertising and marketing as digital producers, digital strategists, content managers and media specialists. Marketing in the digital age means understanding when and where to communicate to consumers when they are most receptive to receiving and sharing messages. Students admitted to the specialization will learn to maximize consumers’ engagement with marketing messages using paid, owned and earned media to achieve this goal. The digital media strategy specialization courses must be taken in sequence.

See B.A. in Advertising by Semester & Specialization for details.

Technology Requirements

Advertising majors are required to have a laptop that meets, at a minimum, these specifications.

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Requirements for the Degree                                                                 Credit Hours: 46
UC Requirements Varies
Prerequisite Course
  • ADV 1300 - Survey of Advertising

Required Advertising Courses:

  • ADV 1321 - Introduction to Creativity
  • ADV 1331 - Digital Media Landscapes


  • ADV 1341 - Marketing Principles of Advertising
  • MKTG 3340 - Fundamentals of Marketing


  • ADV 1360 - Creative Production


  • ADV 2301 - Consumer Behavior
  • MKTG 3343 - Consumer Behavior


  • ADV 2302 - Advertising, Society, and Ethics
  • ADV 3303 - Advertising Media
  • ADV 3304 - Advertising Research
  • ADV 3305 - Business Communication
  • ADV 4106 - Professional Seminars
  • ADV 4399 - Advertising Campaigns
Digital Media Strategy Specialization Courses
  • ADV 2332 - Digital Media Strategy 1
  • ADV 3332 - Digital Media Strategy 2
  • Any nine additional credit hours of advertising electives (excluding ADV 1300)
    (Recommended electives for the digital media strategy specialization include ADV 2333 - Internet and Mobile Advertising, ADV 3333 - Measurement and Metrics, and ADV 4333 - Topics in Digital Media Marketing.)
Second Major or Minor (hours vary according to choice)  
Free Electives (hours vary to meet University residency and degree requirements)  
Total: 122

Areas of Study


Undergraduate Studies


B.A. in Advertising - Creative Specialization

B.A. in Advertising - Digital Media Strategy Specialization

B.A. in Advertising - Strategic Brand Management Specialization

Minor in Advertising

Minor in Graphic Design

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