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Students join the Temerlin Advertising Institute after entering the university. Learn more about admission to SMU.


Questions about admission to the Temerlin Advertising Institute can be directed to

The B.A. in Advertising (all specializations) can be completed in a minimum of five semesters (one for prerequisites, plus four for major courses). Each of the three specializations is a two-year (four semester; fall and spring terms) sequence of classes that are referred to as the Foundation, the Practice, the Application, and Capstone. Students admitted to the B.A. in Advertising (any specialization) must take these courses in sequence in order to finish the major in two years. Click here for a visual of the B.A. in Advertising requirements by semester.

The application for admission to the B.A. in Advertising is offered once each academic year during the SPRING term only.

For students wishing to pursue a B.A. in Advertising at SMU, admission into the Temerlin Advertising Institute is a two-step process:

STEP ONE: Complete/be completing the prerequisite classes: ADV 1300 plus at least one of ADV 1321, ADV 1331, or ADV 1341 (or MKTG 3340). Preference will be given to students with a combined average of 3.000 or better in all ADV coursework. Students must also be in good academic standing with the University and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.000.

Transfer students must have completed equivalent courses and obtained the equivalent cumulative GPA in those courses before they can progress to STEP TWO. Students transferring from other universities that have not yet completed the equivalent introductory courses are encouraged to take them during their first semester at SMU.

STEP TWO: Advertising major candidates that have fulfilled or are fulfilling STEP ONE also must complete the admission application. The application is offered in the spring term only.

2016 Admissions Information

  • Information about the 2016 application, including registration, can be found here.
  • Students that complete the 2016 application will be notified on or before April 4 regarding TAI's admission decision.
  • Students admitted to the major in 2016 can complete the requirements for the B.A. in Advertising by May 2018 (but not earlier). See B.A. in Advertising by Semester & Specialization for details.

See our FAQs for answers to more common questions about the B.A. in Advertising.

Admissions Requirements by Specialization
B.A. in Advertising – Creative
  • ADV 1300 Survey of Advertising
  • ADV 1321 Introduction to Creativity
B.A. in Advertising – Digital Media Strategy
  • ADV 1300 Survey of Advertising
  • ADV 1331 Digital Media Landscapes
B.A. in Advertising – Strategic Brand Management
  • ADV 1300 Survey of Advertising
  • ADV 1341 (or MKTG 3340) Marketing Principles of Advertising

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B.A. in Advertising - Creative Specialization

B.A. in Advertising – Digital Media Strategy

B.A. in Advertising - Strategic Brand Management Specialization

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Minor in Graphic Design

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