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How to Apply: Please read carefully before beginning your application

Admission to the graduate program in Advertising is very selective. Applicants will be expected to have an excellent undergraduate record in advertising or a related field. Previous work experience is desirable. Applicants from other disciplines will be considered provided they can show a keen interest in pursuing a career in advertising. Prerequisite courses may be required on a case by case basis. Application to the Temerlin Advertising Institute is required for consideration.

International applicants will be required to demonstrate English language proficiency through scores on the TOEFL or other equivalent tests. More details are listed below for International applicants

Outstanding students pursuing the Fast-Track (Full-Time) program of study in the Fall term of entry are considered both for scholarships and an internship within the Temerlin Advertising Institute. These awards are based on academic merit and require submission of the GRE or GMAT.

Checklist Summary of Required Application Materials* (additional information below):

*Current SMU Undergraduate Students applying to the Accelerated M.A. in Advertising have abbreviated application materials outlined here.

Submission Deadlines

Applications may be submitted for consideration into the Fast-Track (Full-Time), Part-Time, or the Masters Certificate programs for entry beginning in the Fall or Spring terms. Consideration for awards will be available to candidates that complete submission with all materials prior to the priority or standard listed deadlines. To assure full admissions consideration, applications should be completed online and ALL supporting materials pertaining to the application for admission should be delivered to the Meadows Graduate Office BEFORE the following deadlines:

Fall Entry Application Dates:
Applications will be available for submission beginning in August. Priority consideration will be given to applicants who have submitted fully by December 1.Standard submission deadline is March 15.  Scholarship and Research/Teaching Assistantship consideration will be given to admitted candidates that completed their submission by the Priority or Standard deadlines and that have submitted official GRE/GMAT scores. 

Spring Entry Application Dates:
Applications will be available for submission beginning in May. Evaluations will begin following the October 15 deadline.

Applications submitted after the listed deadlines will only be considered on a case by case basis for the term they are submitted but will likely be moved to the next term of entry.

Materials received from applicants who do not enroll will be retained by the Meadows Graduate Office for one year. All documents become the property of Southern Methodist University and cannot be returned.

Professional Statement & Résumé

There will be space in the Online Application to write or paste your Professional Statement and a feature to upload a copy of your Résumé.


Request in writing one official transcript from the Registrar of each college or university previously attended, including summer terms. These may be sent directly to the Meadows Graduate Office. If the transcripts are sent to you, do not open the sealed envelopes and mail them to the Meadows Graduate Office. A supplementary transcript covering work in progress at the time of the application must be furnished upon completion of that work.

International transcripts must be accompanied by professional evaluation of the degree equivalency and GPA conversion. Additionally, those that are not in English must be accompanied by official translations. Course descriptions or syllabi may be requested by the faculty. It is the student’s responsibility to procure this evaluation and to assume financial responsibility for it. An exception to this requirement is an exchange agreement between SMU and a foreign institution which is modeled after the U.S. education system. Click here to review a list of accepted agencies and additional requirements for International Applicants.


Three letters of recommendation are required. Letters of recommendation should be requested from professors who know the personal and academic qualifications of the applicant. When completing an online application applicants will have the opportunity to arrange for letters to be delivered electronically to the recommenders listed. Applicants will need a valid email address for each recommender and upon submission, notification will be emailed to them directly with instructions on submitting a web-recommendation form on behalf of the applicant.

GRE/GMAT (Optional for Scholarship Consideration)

Applicants to the Temerlin Advertising Institute who are interested in scholarship consideration must take and submit either the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) general test scores.

Applicants that have taken, or plan to take the GRE or GMAT, should request their scores be sent to us:

  • GRE: from the Educational Testing Service in Princeton, New Jersey directly to “Southern Methodist University”: School Code 6660, Department Code 4501 Advertising.
  • GMAT: from the Graduate Management Admissions Council to SMU in the Temerlin Advertising Institute.

Again, applicants are not required to submit these scores for admission consideration but they are necessary for consideration for scholarship funding.

Additional Documents Required for International Applicants

We welcome international applicants at SMU and into the Meadows School of the Arts! Our campus has a significant international graduate student body and we believe that international students provide diverse perspectives and backgrounds that are invaluable in graduate educations. Click here to review a list of additional requirements, extended information, and list of resources for International Applicants

Financial Aid

Scholarships and Graduate Internships for qualified, admitted students are available from the Temerlin Advertising Institute at the Meadows School of the Arts. Candidates for graduate awards are encouraged to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This form is not required from international students on the F-1 visa. For additional information, contact the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid, Meadows School of the Arts, PO Box 750356, Dallas, Texas 75275-0356 (telephone 214.768.3314).

Submission and Contact Information

All official materials regarding the application process should be emailed to or directed to the following:

Graduate Application Processing
PO BOX 518
Dallas TX 75275-0518

All questions or correspondence relating to admission or your application to the Meadows School of the Arts may be directed to:

Joe S. Hoselton
Director of Graduate Admissions & Institutional Research

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