Transferring Your Academic Credits

SMU offers tools to help students determine how credits will transfer, and assist with course selection at the current institution to meet SMU core and major requirements. The Transfer Equivalency Guide and the Transfer Pathway Guide can be found below. When applying to SMU, a Transfer Evaluation Report will be created based on the student’s transcripts from previous colleges and universities attended. Once admitted, this report will be emailed to the student and posted in their account.

Transfer Equivalency Guide

The Equivalency Course Tool helps students create an unofficial report to see what courses will transfer. If SMU has a corresponding course to one already taken, the SMU course equivalency is listed. Transferable courses for which there is no exact SMU equivalent are awarded elective credit and given an “XX,” “YY,” or other generic course numbers. If a course is not listed, that doesn’t mean it’s not transferable - only that SMU has not had the opportunity to review it. Please email questions about specific courses to Transfer and Transition Services. Keep in mind that SMU accepts transfer courses from regionally accredited colleges and universities. Vocational and remedial courses are not transferable.

Lyle Transfer Pathway Guides

Transfer Pathway Guides for the University Curriculum and Common Curriculum have been designed for each Lyle major. These courses and term plans are to help keep students on track to meet SMU degree requirements.