Research with Impact


The impact of the research we conduct ripples through our fields of study, our community, our economy, our country and throughout the world. It has a significant impact on the quality of students and faculty we attract to our school.

  • We choose to focus our efforts on topics in which our faculty have the expertise to be truly excellent.
  • We support innovative new research through seed funding that helps bridge the gap between ideas and first external funding.
  • We strive to combine our collective expertise and seek out collaborators to enable novel and important research, which we are uniquely situated to jointly accomplish.
  • We train Ph.D. students to be outstanding academics, as well as respected industry leaders.
  • We partner with colleagues in other institutions to explore how our ideas may impact the world outside the boundaries of the University.

Through vigilant focus we will impact: the state-of-the-art in our chosen fields of research, the known best practices in engineering education, the bottom line in organizations in which our students and faculty are engaged, the global poor, the schools at which our students become professors, the pipeline of STEM-interested students, innovative new products, Dallas, healthcare policy, the security of our nation… the list goes on and on.


2020 Lyle Research Days

Faculty judges have selected the winners of this year's Lyle Research Days! View the winners here as well as all student submitted viewgraphs and YouTube videos.

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