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    Great discoveries, from fundamental laws of nature to practical inventions, all have one thing in common: open minded thinking driven by a deep sense of curiosity. Research at the Lyle School is driven by this basic premise. Faculty and students also work to solve real world problems by combining engineering ingenuity with the fundamentals of physics and mathematics.

    Faculty and students at Lyle carry out research in a wide range of areas of engineering and applied science funded by government agencies, foundations and private companies. In addition, the Lyle School supports research through internal research seed funding. This interdisciplinary collaborative research is carried out at the intersection of several disciplines of engineering and science.




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    The Bobby B. Lyle School of Engineering brings together the world’s leading experts in fields including civil engineering, environmental engineering, computer science and engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, systems engineering, and operations research. Faculty at the Lyle School of Engineering carry out cutting edge research and scholarship. They are also widely regarded as some of the nation’s best teachers and mentors.

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    At the Lyle School we are changing the way people think about engineers. Through innovation and hands-on experiences, we are attracting a diverse mix of talented students interested in making a difference in the world through engineering.

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