Social Enterprise

Early-stage social entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs are catalytic innovators who produce disruptive innovations, but often face momentous obstacles. Our program is designed to support high potential social entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs during the initial phases of development.
Dr. Candice Bledsoe, Social Intrapreneur and Founder of Young Social Innovators & Young Social Entrepreneurs

Social Intrepreneurs

Intrapreneurship can bring together the best of both worlds: the innovation and dynamism of entrepreneurship and the resources and market platform of existing organizations.  Research has repeatedly demonstrated the benefits of intrapreneurship and an increasing number of organizations are implementing programs to proactively and intentionally encourage intrapreneurship, especially in the business community. 

Social intrapreneurship is a more recent and somewhat lesser-known concept. Social intrapreneurship combines social entrepreneurship, the mindset of pursuing bold ideas and innovative solutions to address social and environmental problems with intrapreneurship.

2021 Social Enterprise Cohort

Dr. Owen Lynch, Social Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Restorative Farms

Social Entrepreneurs

Social entrepreneurs are the link between the Hunt Institute and under-resourced communities. They directly address social needs in their communities, using entrepreneurial and earned revenue strategies.

The Institute’s Social Entrepreneurs Program is focused on supporting innovative and high impact social entrepreneurs in particular. These innovators face a complex set of interconnected problems and a very limited support ecosystem to help overcome challenges, both locally and globally.

2020 Social Enterprise Cohort

2019 Social Enterprise Cohort