Our Team

The Institute is made up of a diverse team of undergraduate and graduate students, faculty members and fellows. Our interdisciplinary program mirrors the structure and demands of a multidimensional world. Students who are studying engineering, communications, business, journalism, videography, web design, project management, and more work together on projects and research to solve challenges facing humanity. The Institute promotes layered mentoring. Undergraduate students work with other Institutes, Centers, graduate students, professors, social entrepreneurs and industry mentors throughout the course of their project.

Varsha Appaji

Undergraduate Research Analyst

Brooke Betik

Undergraduate Social Media Manager

Sam Borton

Undergraduate Research Analyst

Frankie Cucchiara

Undergraduate Project Manager

Daniel Dewan

Undergraduate Web Developer

Wade Glover

Undergraduate Journalist

Taylor Grace

Undergraduate Project Manager

ShelbyLauren Griffith

Undergraduate Project Manager

Keoni Holani

Undergraduate Videographer

Kyle Kolodziej

Undergraduate Program Manager

Cambria Lewis

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Sydney Lobato

Undergraduate Project Manager

Liam Lowsley-Williams

Undergraduate Web Developer

Mariana Midolo

Undergraduate Creative Designer

Mohammed Nije

Undergraduate Social Entrepreneur

Emma Parker

Undergraduate Financial Analyst

Madison Rodriguez

Undergraduate Research Analyst

Stephanie Rodriguez

Undergraduate Marketer

Kaitlin Slaughter

Undergraduate Project Manager

JuliaGrace Walker

Undergraduate Project Manager