Inclusive Economy Consortium

The Inclusive Economy Consortium (IEC) is an interdisciplinary network of diverse stakeholders who are dedicated to creating an economy that respects nature and works for all.

IEC builds the ecosystem for a climate-smart inclusive economy. Launched by The Hunt Institute for Engineering & Humanity at SMU, the network empowers change agents from the private, public and nonprofit sectors to connect, share and act.


ImpactNights was designed to connect like-minded professionals to share knowledge and experiences and take collaborative action for collective innovation and impact.

However, due to current circumstances and until it is safe to gather again, the Hunt Institute has launched a new online program, Tech4Good Global Roundtable. 


The founders of IEC have had extensive experience with climate-smart, inclusive best practices over the past two decades. After the strong call-for-action from the community that gathered at the Climates Extremes Forum, Hunt Institute leadership decided to systematically document and analyze proven methods from around the world. They have been invited to present these findings at several local and international conferences. The summary findings and The Center for Advancement of Informal Science Education (CAISE) Model can be found on the IEC Research website.