The Hunt Institute seeks to intersect innovative research with practical applications to counter the effects of local and global poverty.

As a hub of innovation, the Institute holds a unique advantage as an action-oriented group in a theory-oriented environment. It draws members and practices from both the professional and academic sectors to propose and test well-researched and contextualized solutions to problems faced by impoverished communities. The Institute strives to promote dignity-based disruption, tackling systems at the community level and encourages solutions that build local resilience to improve quality of life.

Our Founders

Learn more about the founders of the Hunt Institute: Hunter & Stephanie Hunt, Dr. Bobby B. Lyle, and William and Gay Solomon.

Our Leadership

The Hunt Institute leadership group consists of Dr. Eva Szalkai Csaky, Corrie A. Harris, M.A., Dr. Candice L. Bledsoe, Dr. James Olivier, and Lillie Noe.

Our Team

Each year the Hunt Institute Team changes and evolves as students graduate and new students arrive at SMU. Read more about the current Hunt Institute Team.

Our Experts

The Hunt Institute group of experts includes Lyle and SMU faculty, and engineering industry leaders. 

Our Partners

The Hunt Institute currently partners with Engineers Without Borders-SMU and Dwell Earth. Find out more information about our partners here. 

The James Pratt Collection

The Pratt Collection is a reference library that includes over 900 book and other resources that can be found nowhere else.