Lyle Anywhere

Lyle Anywhere

A Master's in Engineering that Fits Into Your Life

Ready to be at the forefront of technology? Want to sharpen your skills, achieve career advancement, and build a professional network? Look no further than SMU Lyle. Experience the future of learning with our technology-enhanced Smart Classrooms, which create a seamless environment that allows you to connect, interact and collaborate with in-person and remote students as if you are physically in the classroom.

With Lyle Anywhere, you choose the learning format that suits your needs. Opt for in-person, online, or flex – a combination of both – and experience the Lyle classroom wherever you are.


"I feel like I am a part of the class - I can ask questions and contribute to the discussion, all from the comfort of my home or office."

- Evan Browning, SMU Lyle alumnus


Caruth 184 classroom - front
SMU Lyle's state-of-the-art Smart Classroom allows in-person, remote students and professors to interact seamlessly.